CavBlock update


Ella Mouradian

Students study for various subjects during CavBlock. The new CavBlock system has been put to the test for the 2019-2020 school year, and there are mixed opinions. Social Studies teacher, Jennifer Given, prefers the new system. “[The new CavBlock system is] helpful for me when I’m doing writing conferences with my ap kids, I can tell them i have this many spots and then cap it,” said Given.

Ella Mouradian, Staff Writer

This year, HBHS introduced a new CavBlock system. This system allows students to choose what room and teacher they want for the day. Many students were very opinionated on this new process when it first started, but now that students have been through this new system for two quarters, have their opinions changed?

During previous years, students were assigned a CavBlock room and a teacher, but they were allowed to sign out to see another teacher if they needed to. This year, students have to sign up for teachers they would like to see in advance on Adaptive Scheduler in PowerSchool. Students may stay with one teacher for the entire 45 minutes or switch to meet with a new teacher at the halfway point.

 One of the goals of this new process was to be able to access teachers more easily. Now students are finding that this is harder to do because of the unavailability of spots per room. 

The new sign up system has raised many opinions. “I do enjoy how I can see my friends, but I do not like how if I forget to sign up for Cav there could be no rooms left, and I’m stuck in a room alone with no friends.” said Hallie Bardani ‘22.

According to many students, the two main issues of this process are the limited available spots in certain rooms and only being able to access two teachers during one session. “I understand what the goal of this adaptive schedule is, but it’s still very inconvenient to only be able to see two teacher,.” said Abbie Ogren ‘22.

Students have learned to accept this new system over the year. Cav Block is now a more organized and structured time. “I understand the change was made for safety purposes.” said Bardani.

Overall, teachers like the changes made to CavBlock this year.“I like it better than last year; it’s easier to organize and figure out where kids are.” said Jennifer Given, a history teacher at HBHS. Teachers like this new process due to the organization aspect. Last year, students would come in and out of rooms and they were not easy to keep track of. However, teachers still find flaws in the new system. “From a teacher’s perspective, one thing I miss is easier access to students that are having a really tough time,” said Given. 

Now students realize that many classrooms do not have enough room for all of their friends to be able to sign up for the same room; however, the amount of spots available in a room was an issue before the new system. “Last year kids would just hope that there was a spot and there was no good way to communicate,” said Given. 

For now, it seems that teachers like the changes more than students.