Coronavirus catastrophe


This photo is of the streets of Barcelona, one of the cities the Spain trip was going to be travelling to. Unfortunately they will no longer be going. “While I’m upset I won’t get to go to Europe, which is certainly a little upsetting, I understand the seriousness of the COVID-19 issue and wouldn’t want to risk it for those I’d return to,” Lily Coady ‘20.

Meghan Veino, Staff Writer

Among almost every event taking place in the next month, Coronavirus has caused a cancellation of all of the school trips planned for April break. These trips have been planned since fall of 2019, and students are pretty disappointed in this decision, but it came after careful deliberation following travel bans and CDC recommendations.

As upsetting as it is for students, it is necessary to keep students and staff safe within the building. There is too great of risk for the students and chaperones travelling to become infected by COVID-19. Returning travelers either become quarantined abroad or bring it back to the U.S. spreading it further. The other risk is becoming stuck in said country, and not being able to return home for a period of time. This would put students in a high risk situation, that would be better avoided by postponing or canceling the trips.

The Choir trip to Portugal has been postponed by one year to April break of 2021. The students who were attending the trip, especially the seniors, are disappointed and upset in the cancellation of this year’s trip, but they understand why it had to happen and are hopeful for next year. “As disappointed as I am I know that I am not in control of what’s happening in our world right now. I think we are playing it safe by not going,” said Cooper Murray ‘20. 

Students are frustrated because the matter is completely out of their control. “This is an upsetting circumstance for everyone but especially the seniors because we don’t get to go next year, I’m bummed because it would have been an amazing experience, but I understand the decision was made for our safety and it’s no one’s fault,” said Sarah Orner ‘20. The spots currently filled by seniors will hopefully be filled by underclassmen which will allow to pay back the families of seniors the cost of the trip. 

The AP World History trip to the United Kingdom, has been cancelled all together. The students are upset, but understand the risks involved in not cancelling the trip. “I was hoping to go on the WHAP trip this year, but I decided not to because my family was probably going to go somewhere together. At first I was disappointed, but now I’m glad that the trip has been cancelled because I think it’s what’s best for the health of my peers,” said Miles Montgomery ‘22. Montgomery is relieved that he did not pay for the trip for it to be cancelled. For those who were planning on attending, money will be returned to the families in a form of vouchers. These can be used on any other trip with EF Tours in future years, such as Costa Rica or France.

The Spanish program’s trip to Spain has also been cancelled. “While I’m upset I won’t get to go to Europe, which is certainly a little upsetting, I understand the seriousness of the COVID-19 issue and wouldn’t want to risk it for those I’d return to,” said Lily Coady ‘20. Along with the UK trip, this tour was being provided by EF Tours. They will also be issuing vouchers for future trips with their company. 

All in all, students are upset not just by the cancellation of these trips, but the upset the Coronavirus has caused in general. It seems that all the fun in this world is being sucked out right in front of us. Luckily the Portugal trip will still be held, but as for the other trips, they will not be happening. All we can hope is that this sickness goes away soon for the well being of our communities.