Coming Soon… The SAT


Quinn Connors

Students are off to an early start studying hard for the SATs. The SATs are an important assessment that all the students have to take for when they go to college. It will help determine whether they are accepted or not to the college they want to go to. Students study hard for this, wanting to receive a good score. “ I am not too stressed about the SAT but I know an immense amount of people who are stressed over them knowing how much they are worth.” said John Bergin ‘21.

Quinn Connors, Staff Writer

The SAT demonstrates the intelligence of students and their growth throughout high school. Yes, this test may be stressful to students, but it does show their ability of test taking and using their time correctly in order to finish the test. Despite the debates over its usefulness, this test should continue to be used as a measure of intelligence because not only will it help colleges get a better understanding of the students, but will also show colleges a student’s academic abilities. 

As much as students may not like the SAT on how they have to answer questions in a short period of time, the SAT should stay in place. The test is one way colleges can look at a student’s intelligence. It is a fair and balanced way to show what the student knows and what they don’t. Hollis Brookline High School typically does well on the SAT, averaging a score of 1260 out of 1600. 

Despite these strong scores, not every student is an advocate of the SAT. “I think we should keep the SAT, but it shouldn’t just be a number they look at. There needs to be a better way to assess a high schoolers’ readiness for college.” said John Bergin ‘21 who is currently taking an SAT preparation class. 

Students are stressed about this test knowing how much it can impact them when they are going off to college. “ I’m stressed a little bit because I know the amount of weight it has for school and how it is important to do well on,” said Colin MacDonald ‘21. Students feel the stress and importance of studying for this test because getting a better score will help get a greater likelihood of getting into a school a student may want to go to. Another very important thing to remember is the timing of the test. It is good if the student can pace themselves as they go through the test because it will give them the most time for each question. 

Some students may ask; is this a fair assessment? The short answer is yes. If a student can know the concept of the question and can answer it correctly, it shows that the student knows how to show their academic level of that subject. “ I think it measures out what it is set up to measure. It only measures a certain amount of literacy and a certain kind numerously and not the whole package. Is it a fair assessment? It depends on the person, who they are, and what the colleges look at the student for,” said English teacher and SAT prep class instructor, Lin Illingworth.

The SATs are an important assessment to do well on. Not only do they show a student’s growth but what they are capable of doing. Going through college applications, the score that a student receives will compare them to other students around the country.  The one with the better score will most likely get the spot plus possible scholarships depending on how big the difference is. Colleges are also judged by their SAT scores so they will want to select the more educated student. SATs should stay because it measures what the person is able to show off their intelligence and test-taking abilities, it is important to colleges in who gets accepted or not.