Can taking pictures help you unwind during this pandemic?


Damien Stone

Alton bay, Alton NH. This is Lake Winnipesaukee, a beautiful place to be and is surrounded by housing around the lake. This is where I go when i’m stressed and am bored the waves crashing in the stone walls is relaxing plus it is a nice opportunity for a quick photoshoot.

Damien Stone, Staff Writer

With what is going on in the world, it is easy to stress out about the schoolwork and not being able to see your friends–and that’s okay. There are many ways to unwind like watching movies and playing video games. Even some people relax by going outside and taking pictures.

Taking pictures can be good for you; it gives you an opportunity to go outside, explore the area, and pay more attention to detail. Going out and exploring helps calm yourself. In the article Top 5 Tips to Relieve Stress with Your CameraCatherine Just who wrote the article, say that Just 10 minutes is all you will need. Go slow. Breathe. Really look. Take photos of all the details along the way. Get closer to your subject and take more photos. This is a walking photo meditation. It’s a sacred time for you to be shown the wonder that awaits you right outside your door.”

Being outside to take photos forces people to go outside and walk about getting more exericise than they would being inside all day, it also gives people a chance to explore the beauty that nature holds and allows you to get some fresh air. “It absolutely relaxes me because of the type of photography I prefer–landscape. It’s more than just capturing beautiful images for me; it is a way to reconnect with nature and recharge from the fast moving digital world. It’s a chance for me to slow down in a world that is so fast paced because it makes me notice small details that I otherwise might miss. Landscape photography is often more contemplative–a ‘waiting game’ can be the difference between a good and a great landscape photo. I like having patience and waiting for that great photo. The quiet of nature, feeling the wind in the trees and seeing the changes of light has a huge calming effect for me,” said Aundra Saunders, the art teacher that is in charge of the different photography classes at HBHS.

If you can’t leave the house, you can still take photos inside. It’s simple: just gather items and use your phone to take the picture.“ I’ll take candid shots of people or objects like I said earlier,” said Nat Brown’ 20

An important concept to understand about taking photos is that you are in charge of everything. Don’t like the way the branch looks? Move it to a different angle to get it the way you want it. I find it calming to be able to set up a situation the way I like it and alter different aspects of the photo to get the tone or mood [that] I’m looking for. Taking photos allows me to take all of the feelings and emotions that are hard for me to express with words and transform [them] into a physical form. Being able to freeze a singular moment in my life to cherish…allows me to reflect and process my emotions and channel it through a creative element,” said Nat Brown ’20.

With the craziness going on in the world, it is always good to give your mind a break. You can read a book, play games, or just watch movies, but, by taking pictures, you can find another way to relax and unleash your creativity. Don’t stress about the pictures and just have fun!