Spanish 4 and French 4–what happened to Honors?

Spanish and French Four teachers Johansson, left, and Sheehan, right

Skyler Anderson

Spanish and French Four teachers Johansson, left, and Sheehan, right

Skyler Anderson, Contributor

Before the new 2013 school year if students wanted to move from the third level of a language to a fourth level of a language they had no option but to take an honors course because HBHS didn’t offer a regular course. For the first time this academic year, HB is offering both Spanish and French 4 at the honors and regular level. In the past, some students were discouraged because the only option available to them was at the honors level, and for some, even though they liked the language they weren’t sure if they wanted to continue onto an honors course or they felt like they wouldn’t be comfortable for the level of challenge offered in the honors class.

Erin Sheehan, Spanish teacher at HBHS, said, “¡Me encanta esta clase! There is finally a spot for students who have a foundation of the language, can complete four levels, and want to explore culture, language, and customs that are driven by their own interests.” The new classes are more directed towards the culture of the language rather than learning of the language itself. Students like Kristen Marquette, ‘15, a student in the regular Spanish four course enjoys how she is not being taught the language as much as she has in the past because she already has that base from previous language courses. She aspect she enjoys most is how the class is showing why the language works through application, and the history behind it.

Not only was a Spanish four regular class added this year, but a regular French four class as well. French teacher Elissa Johansson said, “This class is a fantastic opportunity for students to continue on in French without the stress of the AP exam. I really enjoy listening to what the students want to learn and trying to incorporate that into the curriculum.” Just like the Spanish class, the new French four class is directed towards what students want to learn and also more towards the culture of a language.

This new class has been running smoothly so Sheehan and Johansson are hoping that the class will continue to be offered next year as well as years to come.