The Benefits of Quarantine


Daniella Allanach '23

Brooke Allanach ‘21 walks her dog to get some fresh air and exercise in quarantine. She has been enjoying spending as much time outside as possible to keep busy and remain active daily. “It’s a good way to let some of the longer days go by a bit faster.”

Emily Casey, Staff Writer

Although most students have been bored inside for the last few weeks, there are many opportunities available to make the best of this quarantine. There are lots of benefits to staying home during this time, especially trying new things to keep busy, which is a great way to learn something new and pass the time! The most important thing is to stay home and remain healthy while also keeping active, spending time with family, and putting effort into our remote learning. It is clear that this transition for students at Hollis Brookline has been tough regarding their academics and extra curricular activities. Through this adjustment, those students have found ways to remain positive throughout the situation and continue following their daily routines while being at home. 

As difficult as the remote learning transition has been for students, a great way to manage time and to be productive is to stay organized and on top of the workload. Jessica Cooper ‘21 has been enjoying her online classes so far and the flexibility that comes with them. She pointed out that on the days she feels most motivated to complete schoolwork, she works extra hard to get ahead in her classes. This has allowed her to keep up with her academics while also saving plenty of time for other activities while in quarantine. Cooper does miss attending public school with her friends though, ”I took it all for granted and now find myself without a solid routine, and most days I end up procrastinating more than I used to.” If other students are feeling this way too, Cooper’s advice would be to stay organized and keep a steady pace to complete all school work efficiently.

Class of ‘21 Varsity lacrosse player Brooke Allanach suggests students try something new to remain active at home. She believes it’s a great way to let some of the longer days go by a bit faster, while also practicing new skills. Allanach has gone on multiple hikes with her family, run with  her dogs and practiced her lacrosse skills at home. She believes the most important thing is having a positive attitude throughout this time, ”it’s all about keeping busy and finding new things that you can do to stay healthy and in shape,” said Allanach.

Spending time with family during this quarantine is a great way to cope with the stress of our new remote learning reality. Kim Souza ‘21 has been at home with her parents and two older sisters for the past three weeks, and the adjustment has been a bit tricky for all of them. Souza’s family is remaining positive and she is “glad to share this time with them.” Souza and her family have found fun activities to do together around the house including helping each other to cook great meals. “The good part about being around family all day is that we have been forced to be brought closer both physically and mentally,” said Souza. 

These are just some ways to enjoy the time spent at home and take advantage of every opportunity to remain productive. If students find themselves struggling to get motivated during quarantine, focusing on school and staying active with family are great activities to help the days go by faster. Although this transition has been challenging for all of us, it is always a good idea to look on the bright side of things and remain positive during times like these.