Lia Eisenberg Spreads Positivity Through Her Music


Leslie Eisenberg

Lia Eisenberg performs her music on stage in front of an audience. She has always loved creating music and sharing her talents with the world. “I love sharing things that I enjoy with those around me to help others feel better”.

Emily Casey, Staff Writer

Hollis Brookline High School Student Lia Eisenberg ‘21 spreads constant positivity on her Instagram page dedicated to her music. As part of her page, Eisenberg shares videos thanking those who are still working and first line responders risking their lives for us everyday. These videos are filled with encouragement for students to watch at any time to help brighten their days.

Lia Eisenberg has always loved creating music and making others happy, ever since she was little. Eisenberg has been a part of many school events where she has shared these talents with others. She has also participated in multiple of our Guitar Nights and musicals done here at Hollis Brookline High School. Recently, she has created some videos on her Instagram account for music to help students or anyone watching take their mind off things, even if only for a few minutes. Not only has she used the platform to express her love and talent for singing, Eisenberg also thanked many in the community and shared a positive outlook on everything that has been going on.

Eisenberg has already reached so many of her classmates with her comforting words. Student Emily Dreyer enjoys watching the many encouraging videos to get through this as one big community. She agrees that those out there who are putting their own lives in danger for the better of our world are truly inspiring, and it is very important to thank them. After watching just one of Eisenberg’s videos, Dreyer “was reminded that we are all in this together” said Dreyer ‘21. Dreyer then goes on to add that the calmness of Eisenberg’s music “tremendously brightened her day” and was a nice reminder to remain positive through everything going on.

Sophomore Meaghan Coutu was also greatly impacted by Eisenberg’s video, which inspired her to continue spreading positivity to those around her as well. The videos “reminded me to remain hopeful,” said Coutu ‘22 as an opportunity to continue lifting each other up in times of need. Coutu also included that “she inspired me to try something new” referring to the creation of such uplifting content for viewers to enjoy. Coutu and her fellow classmates definitely appreciate these videos and would love to see more from Eisenberg in the future.

Lia Eisenberg originally got the idea to post these thoughtful videos from her honors choir class at Hollis Brookline. Not only does she include lots of kind words for her followers, she sings many strong and uplifting songs to help those watching see the good that is still around us. ”I thought this was a great way to share something that I love to help take our minds off of all the scary things happening in the world right now,” said Eisenberg ‘21. Viewers can expect to see more of this content from Eisenberg, as music will always be one of her favorite hobbies.