Senior Year: A year in review


Faith DiStefano

“The last two quarters are tough because of COVID-19 but, I think our senior class has strong spirit and we all have appreciation for each other. We are all friends no matter how different we are. My takeaway from this year is that we are all in this together. As ironic as it sounds it is true. Life is a wild ride and we are all getting though it together. And going through high school with everyone has been an amazing experience” said Austin Johnson ‘20.

Faith DiStefano, Staff Writer

The 2020 senior class has had their year abruptly cut short, but before their last times walking through the halls of Hollis-Brookline High School on Friday March 13 the Class of 2020  had a very memorable senior year. Below are some of the highlights of the Class of 2020’s last year in high school.

HB is home to the tradition of a senior parade, which many schools do not experience. On the first and last day of school, the seniors of HBHS gather at the Lawrence Barn for pictures and music before driving through Monument Square and circling around the school blasting music, honking horns, with their perfectly decorated cars. The Class of 2020 only had the opportunity to experience their first day of school parade, as social distancing means the other one must be cancelled. “If I could relive one memory, it would probably be the senior parade, as we were supposed to have two and it’s a nice way to celebrate the seniors and send them off,” said student body president Mary Martin ‘20.  

Hollis-Brookline High School is very well known for their successful state champion sports teams regarding volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, and more. But within all those state champions, the Cavalier’s football team has never been given a state title until their 2019-2020 season. “Being a part of the first football team in our school’s history to win a state title is pretty cool. It took a lot of work” said varsity wide receiver and free safety, Austin “AJ” Johnson ‘20. The Division II state champions took the title with an ending score of 24-13 against Plymouth High School, playing at the University of New Hampshire in their very own Wildcat Stadium. 

Another thing in the long list of traditions at HBHS is our annual spirit week. Every year the students at HBHS create trailers, and put on a skit representing their grade and how they must save the spirit of the school. For seniors, their skit must be kept a total secret up until the very moment the present. “My proudest moment would have to be seeing the senior class come together during spirit week. It’s always a special moment when everyone works together to achieve a common goal and to celebrate each other’s strengths,” said Martin.

While seniors were able to experience many memorable moments, due to the sudden close, they were not able to experience some of the same traditions that the seniors before them have. But through the memories they made and the challenges they faced the seniors have learned a lot from one another in their shortened year. “I learned every day is special and to live every day to the fullest,” said Abby Tighe ‘20. 

The Class of 2020 has learned many lessons in their last year of high school. “I think I speak for the majority when I say that one of the biggest takeaways from this unorthodox year is to appreciate the small things and make the most of what you have,” said Martin. 

There are 3.7 million high school seniors in the Class of 2020 in the United States, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. 3.7 million seniors have had their senior year taken from them. But that is also 3.7 million high school seniors who have made memories and have learned lessons that they will cherish forever. 

The Class of 2020’s ending may have come to an abrupt ending, they may not have the same prom or graduation that has been considered normal to all of the senior classes before them. But what they do have is the memories they have created together, as one class, in their last year as Hollis-Brookline Cavaliers.