Hollis Brookline Girls Varsity Soccer Wins Over Campbell


Leslie Eisenberg

The girls soccer team jumps for a team photo on HB’s new turf field. Through COVID, team bonding time has been scarce, but the girls manage to take advantage of the time they have. “This has been especially hard because the better we are bonded as a team, the better we play together. However, as a team, we have made a huge effort to work with others during practices to solve this problem.” Said Abbie Ogren (‘22).

Caroline Clark, Staff Writer

On Sept. 26, the HB girl’s varsity soccer team continued their winning streak with a 4-2 victory over Campbell. Campbell, a DIII school, is one of three teams the HB girls will face this year, due to coronavirus restrictions. 

The girls came out strong, confident they could secure a win over their opponent even though they were missing one of their starting midfielders, Paige Mello ‘23, due to an injury. “Once we [the  team] got word we were playing a DIII school, thoughts started going around that this team would be an easy win. I was scared that this was going to get to our heads and we would not come out strong,” said Abbie Ogren ‘22. 


The game started off closer than expected. Within the first few minutes, HB scored their first goal. Not long after, Campbell answered. Campbell seemed to keep the ball on HB’s side of the field for a majority of the half. HB scored once more before the half, giving them a 3-2 lead. 


During halftime, HB made some crucial adjustments. At halftime, everyone figured out the players they were supposed to be marking on defense and we pointed out some of Campbell’s weaknesses. Those on offense switched the ball to the other side of the field, throwing off Campbell’s defense and putting the pressure back on them.” explained Meghan Flannery ‘21.


These adjustments led to a noticeable difference in the second half. Hollis Brookline came out very strong, keeping Campbell off their side of the field with tight defense and solid communication in the midfield. “We have been working a lot on dropping for each other and having a “second help’” especially on defense. This past game our dropping and support for each other was spot on and we were able to play well,” said Abbie Ogren. HB scored once more before the end of the game, gaining a two-point lead, which they kept in the final minutes to secure the win. 


Renee LeBlanc was the leading scorer of the game with two goals while Rachel Brackett (‘22) and Paige Magnuszewski (‘23) both contributed with one goal. Maggie Crooks (‘22), the goalkeeper, had nine saves and blocked one penalty kick. 


The team has done well adapting to the new COVID-19 regulations, but it can be hard to make up for time lost in team bonding activities such as dinners and bus rides to and from games. It is especially difficult for seniors Meghan Flannery and Abbey Magnuszewski. Being a senior and knowing this is my last year is very disappointing, as I do not get to play a full season and I miss out on many of the fun things that come along with soccer, like pasta parties, bus rides, and fundraising,” said Meghan Flannery (‘21). But the girls have made a huge effort to make the most of their practice and game times, and so far, it has paid off. 


The girls team celebrated their seniors on Oct. 10 with a victory over Souhegan at home. Keep an eye out for their final two season games against Campbell and Milford. You can see updated scores and game dates on the HBHS athletic website