How are parents taking remote learning


Nick Mclatchy

This is a photo of a chrome book that is used for online learning. As a remote student I used my own chromebook. “He is always on his computer anyways so I thought it would be good for him.”says Katelin Daniels, mother of Jason daniels. Almost every kid of the parents who were interviewed used a chromebook.

Nick Mclatchy, Staff Writer

As we start up the school year again, the threat of COVID-19 is still lingering from the prior year. Many families have opted to have their children be taught through an online environment instead of going in-person through the school. However, some kids are taking this new method of learning in different ways. Not all of them are finding learning online as easy as they would like to. But how are parents feeling about their kids getting their education online? Do they feel that it is hindering their kid’s abilities to learn? A few people were willing to give their opinions on the topic and were interviewed on a few select questions.

A lot of parents see the option for remote learning as a way to make sure their kids will stay safe from COVID-19. This is a reasonable concern as the virus is still around, and close to home. Nevertheless, there are some definite cons to remote learning, but for some students, it works better than being in-person does. Adam Brew, the father of James Brew, says that remote learning has been going well for his son, “I would say it hasn’t been that bad for him. He seems to enjoy the extra sleep. He definitely seems more focused and interested now.” He feels that being able to be around when James needs help is something that he wished he could do before remote learning.

However, not all parents seem to be satisfied with both theirs and their child’s experiences with remote learning.Some kids seem to struggle with learning in a remote environment. And some kids are able to focus better than if they were in-person. However, some parents are struggling to keep their kids focused, and many don’t like leaving their kids alone for an entire day at home. Katelin Daniels, mother of Jason Daniels, says that it can be hard sometimes for Jason to focus on his work when he has his entire computer at his disposal. He would not always stay on task and, “He is always on his computer anyways so I thought it would be good for him. But I can’t make him focus for the life of me,” An attempt was made to try and interview a parent of a student who had a remote teacher, but unfortunately none could be found that were willing to be interviewed. “He doesn’t have any virtual teachers I don’t think,” says John Linn about his son Troy.

A lot of schools are not like HBHS and have forced attendance in school or online instead of the hybrid model. Because of this, the online aspect of a school can be significantly better if students are all virtual. It allows the teachers and students to understand what is going on for a virtual learner. Virtual learning may become mandatory if Covid keeps spreading, so a lot of schools are going to have to learn how to cope with it.