Girl’s Basketball: Overcoming the Setbacks


The HB girls win over Milford, 62-14 in their first game. Stapelfeld was the highest scorer with 19 points.

Caroline Clark , Staff Writer

When COVID hit last year, basketball was winding down, but nobody thought that the next season would be impacted the way it has. Just a few weeks ago, there was speculation as to whether or not it would be deemed safe enough to play at all. The decision was made, allowing winter sports to continue, given that all athletes and coaches adhere to a strict set of guidelines for everyone’s safety.

Some of these guidelines contain not practicing on Mondays, wearing a mask at all times, and only playing a few games, but everyone seems to be thankful to have the opportunity to play. The Hollis Brookline Girls Varsity basketball team has been very successful in the past years, ending last year’s season with a 17-4 overall record. Though there are new challenges to face this year, the girls are no less prepared for what is to come. “There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected basketball, but we’ve already adapted to it. It’s not going to bring us down. The pandemic won’t change our intensity, our skill, or our dedication. If anything, the whole situation is going to push us to make the most of every single practice and game because sports could cancel at any minute,” said team captain Samantha Atlas ‘21. 

Over the summer and fall, the girl’s team got together once or twice a week to work out and scrimmage at the Nichols Field courts. The team’s dedication was seen as girls came out to play in all types of weather. “We played in the 98-degree weather in the summer where we hid under the shade of the trees on water breaks. We also played in 35-degree weather in the fall and winter where we wore three layers of sweatshirts and sweatpants,” said Atlas. 

One of the most difficult challenges with the new guidelines is the requirement to wear masks during gameplay. Since basketball is such a highly aerobic sport, there is concern that the masks would make it more challenging to play. “ I understand the concerns as to why we have to wear masks this season, however, it can make the game challenging for different reasons such as breathing and communication,” said Brooke Allanach ‘21.  As open gyms have started, the girls have found that paper masks are the easiest to play in and also be the cheapest and most accessible. Along with water bottles and warm-ups, the bench will now be home to masks and hand sanitizer boxes. Although it’s not ideal, the girls know their responsibility in keeping everyone safe and have adhered to the guidelines willingly, knowing their season is a privilege. 

Through everything, the girl´s team is confident they will have a successful season. “We have a really special group of girls on the team this year that are all eager to play. There is so much talent on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court,” said Allanach. 

Expect great things from the girl’s varsity basketball team this year, and stay tuned as their first game takes place on January 15th at Milford.