HB Wrestling Season


Troy Moscatelli after winning a wrestling match. Moscatelli has been wrestling most of his life, and is continuing his wrestling career on the varsity team at HB. Photo from Troy Moscatelli.

Lillian Sullivan, Staff Writer

The Hollis Brookline Varsity Wrestling team is stronger than ever this year, but they may not get to fully showcase that. The team has new restrictions in place, and their season will be far from normal. However, that isn’t stopping them from fighting for the Division State Champion title.
The restrictions that the team has to work with make this season a little more challenging, but they are willing to give it a shot. The team will not be able to wrestle in tournaments, meaning that they will only have dual meets. They will also have two sets of mats rather than just one. This way, as one pair is wrestling the other set of mats can be sanitized for the next match. They will also wear masks while wrestling. “We’re just making sure we are doing everything we can to make sure we keep it [COVID-19] out of wrestling,” said Athletic Director and Head Coach Brian Bumpus.
As a way to keep the team safe and make sure that if something goes wrong HB will still have a wrestling team, they have split the team in half. Each group will get two days of time on the mat and two days of strength and conditioning training in the weight room. “By doing that,if a case were to pop up, we would be able to isolate it to a group as opposed to the entire team,” said Bumpus.
This year, most of the team has been wrestling together for at least two years, so they are a close knit group ready to take on this challenge. Bumpus had conversations with the team about dealing with adversity and making the best of the situation. The coaches and athletes believe that they will do fine this season, regardless of restrictions.“I have faith in my coaches that whatever competition we are able to do we will be prepared for them as best as possible,” said Ryan Mercier ‘22. Mercier, among other wrestlers like Troy Moscatelli, thinks the team is set up to have a great season, “If they are naming team champion I think our team has a very good shot of winning that this year,” said Troy Moscatelli ‘22.
To most on this team, wrestling means the world. “Wrestling is my entire life; I started it so young, and so it is very important to me,” said Moscatelli. The team members are very grateful for this season, even if it isn’t quite what they are used to. Wrestling is about more than just the sport to them by now, “being able to experience difficulties with them really gives a sense of family since everyone is feeling the same pain,” said Alex Hadley ‘22. Hadley had to make the difficult decision not to participate this year due to COVID concerns and is disappointed to be missing out on the season.
Their next meet is on Jan 13 at home against Alvirne. Each wrestler will be allowed two spectators. The schedule for the rest of the season is posted on the Hollis Brookline High School athletics website.