The Hockey Team’s Upcoming Season


The team celebrates one of their many wins last year. They had done very well but lost in one of the first games of the playoffs last year. “We are a family and we all are so passionate about the sport we play. We display hard work and determination and have the true HB spirit.” said Paul Vachon ‘22.

Lauren Rogers, Features Editor

This year, the Hollis Brookline-Derryfield Hockey Team has had to overcome many COVID-related hurdles to have a shot at as much of a regular-season as possible. The precautions taken to keep everyone safe makes the atmosphere very different from the season last year, but the team is very grateful to play.

A COVID related restriction that changes the experience of being a team is not changing in the locker rooms. “Most of us put on the lower half of our gear before getting to the rink.” said Emma Dunn ’22. “We are only allowed to be in the rink 15 minutes before practice so that gives us enough time to put the rest of our gear on”.

This change seems to hit the team particularly hard as they are used to getting psyched up for the games together. “This is a shame because it takes away from the camaraderie that comes with being in the locker although this is subject to change it is a let down nonetheless.” said Paul Vachon ’22.

These changes significantly affect the players’ spirits and add somewhat of an apocalyptic feel to the practices. To keep the season going as long as possible, the team wears masks on the ice while playing. “I think with those[restrictions], this season will be a lot different than past years, so we as a team will adapt and try our best to obey those restrictions to have a season. It seems like we might be playing different teams this year because of travel, and that is set up to be a challenge and something the whole team is looking forward to. We are all just thankful to be having a season” said Vachon.

The seniors of the team are incredibly grateful for the season to continue. “I was worried over the summer and the start of this year that they might cancel the season, and as I am a Senior it would really awful to not be able to play in my closing year of high school. In terms of worries, there is a similar note. By that I mean that I’m worried that the season could still be shut down or end early if the COVID numbers spike again. Which is why everyone on the team has been good about wearing masks and following the protocols on and off the ice, so that we can minimize the risk of the season being cut short.” said Michael McLaughlin ’21.

The sport is crucial to the happiness of many players. The team is tight-knit, and they think of each other almost as a second family. “Being on the team is a gift. I love it. I love hockey and I love being able to be active and play it with this group of guys. It’s really something that I take pride in and am happy to have been fortunate enough to take part in it. This year, I think it will most definitely be at least a little different, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.” said McLaughlin.

“We all are very passionate about hockey and strive for improvement. We all look after each other in games and make sure we are alright after a big hit.” said Dunn. “I think last year with me being the only girl was a little odd for the rest of the team but once the year progressed they didn’t mind. Having girls on the team I think is really amazing and is a big step forward for normalizing women in hockey”. The Derryfield side adds Rachel to the team this year as well.

The captain’s positions are soon to be filled and elected by their teammates. “They’re voted for by the team itself so the guys who have proven themselves as leaders on the team most often fill those roles.” says McLaughlin.