Mrs. Salamone Feature


Salamone poses for a picture with the mascot at her college after her doctoral Graduation.

Lillian Sullivan, Staff Writer

Marie Salamone, an English teacher here at Hollis Brookline High School, has been teaching for around 30 years. Before teaching, she was a patent paralegal and tech writer at Wang Laboratories, but shortly after that,she enrolled in a graduate writing program. That was where it all began for Salamone. 

As she neared the end of the program, a professor asked her if she had any desire to teach writing, the University of Massachusetts Lowell needed someone to start the following Monday, and since she would be graduating that weekend, she decided to teach the one class, she instantly fell in love. She worked there for 15 years before coming to Hollis Brookline, although she still teaches a few online classes at the university. 

Now, Salamone is one of the most appreciated teachers at HB. Students describe her as caring, kind, forgiving, perseverant, funny, and of course very smart. “She shows lots of perseverance. It’s no secret that teaching high school kids can be rough but she is always nice and whenever classes are giving her a tough time she is still willing to help us because she can relate to the position we are in,” said Troy Moscatelli ‘22. Salamone has made a big impact on this community, teaching students important life lessons, and how to work hard, all while creating an open and welcoming learning environment where students can feel comfortable and heard. 

Clearly, Salamone has taught so much to the students at HB, but she acknowledges how much her students have taught her in return. “I have learned to be patient and listen to what people who surround me have to say. There are so many wonderful people I have encountered in my life. By listening and digesting what others have to say, I grow as a person. I never want to be stagnant; teaching enables me to learn something new each and every day,” said Salamone. She looks on the bright side of teaching;what she loves most isn’t grading papers or attending meetings — she loves watching her students grow, “The most rewarding part of education is learning from the students,” said Salamone. 

When she isn’t teaching, Salamone enjoys pastimes such as reading, playing tennis and going to the beach. She started playing tennis when she was just 12 years old, and coached the high school team for 10 years before giving up her coaching position last year. As for reading, Salamone particularly enjoys “summer beach reads”, especially when she’s on the beach. Along with reading, Salamone loves to write. She has a few published pieces and hopes to write more fiction in the coming years.

Salamone’s class is always one students enjoy and would be happy to take again. “If I wasn’t graduating this year I would definitely take another class of hers,” said Spencer Murray ‘21. HB students see her class as an essential part of their high school education.