Morgan Wallen Doesn’t Miss


With 30 songs, Wallen’s album has it all. You can find it on all music streaming platforms.

Caroline Clark, Staff Writer

When it comes to country music, Morgan Wallen has taken the nation by storm. January 8th was a monumental day for the well-known artist as he released his first double album: Dangerous. Of 30 songs total, with five previously released singles, Wallen doesn’t miss. Heartbreak, whiskey, and falling in love seem to be the main themes throughout. While each of these songs deserves its own article, there are 10 that stand out. 

#10: “Neon Eyes”

As a slower song on this album, “Neon Eyes” is about a guy who is going to let the girl go. He wants the girl to be okay with him letting her go, as it will be easier for both of them if they end things soon. He doesn’t want to be responsible for her sadness or “dollar in a jukebox heartache”. While most of his other songs feature the good life or heartache, this one has the interesting perspective on breaking someone else’s heart. “I love ‘Neon Eyes’. The lyrics are meaningful and deep compared to some of the other songs on the album,” says Jonah Sacks ‘22. 

#9: “Wasted on You”

In a typical song about an ex-girlfriend, Wallen claims that he can’t quite stop thinking about her, but knows he needs to stop because his time, money, sorries, and miles on his Chevy were absolutely not worth it. The chorus of this track is unbelievably catchy and will have anyone singing along– regardless of whether or not they wasted things on someone who broke their heart. 

#8: “More Than My Hometown” 

One of the best parts of the country music genre is the stories the songs tell. This one is no exception. Wallen paints the picture of a guy and a girl who grew up together and everyone wants them to be together. Unfortunately, the girl has bigger dreams that involve relocating out of the country. Wallen claims that he loves her “more than a California sunset” and “more than a Sunday morning Lord turning” or “more than when the guy gets the girl at the end of the book”. But there’s one problem… he can’t love her more than his hometown. 

#7: “Blame It On Me”

It’s pretty clear that there are two types of people: city and country. Wallen takes pride in his country roots and believes that it’s his fault that the girl in the song has become conditioned to enjoy country activities. This song glamorizes the country lifestyle, causing the listener to contemplate their lifestyle. It’s okay though because Wallen takes the blame for all of it. Once you go country, you never go back! 

#6: “Still Goin Down”

Although this was a previously released single, it could not be left out on this list. Wallen once again talks about his love for growing up in a small town. He describes that the people of his town work hard during the day and enjoy life at night. His main message is that while some people might forget that small towns exist, there is still a lot going on there– and Wallen could never get sick of it. “Call it cliche, but hey, just take it from me– it’s still goin’ down out in the country”. 

#5: “7 Summers” 

This song was also previously released as a single in 2020, but it is still just as much a hit. Wallen reflects on seven summers ago when he loved a girl who has since moved on and started a life of her own. As the girl has evolved and become more successful, Wallen feels like he has stayed the same and wonders if she ever thinks about him. He clearly still thinks about her and doesn’t fail to mention all of the details throughout the song. “Were we dumb or just younger, who knows?” All we know is that Morgan Wallen loves to reminisce, even if reuniting is out of the question. 

#4: “Dangerous”

Even though this song sounds more upbeat, the message is far from that. He’s angry, he’s sad, and he is hurting about a girl who ruined him. Normally Wallen would go downtown, but he is incredibly scared that he would end up in places he did not want to be. He would rather not do what they used to do because he is “tired of hurtin’ about ya.” Regardless of your relationship status, this song is catchy and will have everyone singing along. Avery Heizer, a country music fan from Merrimack says, “‘Dangerous’ is my personal favorite. Wallen wrote the song as a joke about a time when he got arrested and the whole song ended up fitting in with the theme of 2021.” 

#3: “Silverado For Sale”

While many country songs tell stories, this one is particularly heartfelt as he recalls all the things his truck was good for as a teen, hoping that someone else will have similar memories after he sells it for cash to buy a wedding ring. Throughout the song, Wallen tries to convince the listener to buy his truck which will “get the prettiest girl in town” and “it’s got a pretty good radio”. It’s a slower song on the album, but a good one that deserves all the hype. 

#2: “865”

It’s not uncommon for songs with phone numbers embedded in them to become fan favorites and this one is no exception. The scene is set with Wallen sitting alone at home with a glass in his hand and music turned up– he’s trying to forget about her. But as most of these songs go, he can’t seem to get her off his mind and each sip is an invitation to call her up again. The chorus goes, “I knew I told you I wouldn’t call, and I tried, but this bottle tastes like 865-409-1021”. This track is a fan favorite due to the catchy sequence of numbers, which are easy to sing loud as you drive around– or maybe sing alone when you’re trying to forget about someone. 

#1: “Me On Whiskey”

Finally, a song about a stable relationship rather than heartbreak–refreshing, right? In this track, Wallen depicts the perfect date night. They had a “downtown reservation”, but with both of them being from the country, they’d rather take it back to “that little dive bar” she likes. They’ll stay up until the morning, dance to the jukebox, and sip wine and whiskey. It’s the perfect way to defy the city norm and come back to country roots. This song deserves every bit of hype it gets with its creative lyrics, catchy tune, and its ability to tell a fun story. 

If you haven’t listened to Morgan Wallen’s album, go do it now. It’s out on all music platforms and is loved by many people regardless of whether they typically listen to country. With this release starting off in 2021, I’m sure it’ll be a good year.