Blood Drive at the Lawrence Barn on April 16


This year, the HB Red Cross Club has organized a Blood Drive on Friday, April 16 from 1:00pm – 6:00pm at the Lawrence Barn. “A lot of people don’t realize that you can start donating at the age of 16 with a parent’s consent. High School students are able and encouraged to donate!” added Mulligan.

Rory Klauber, News Editor

Interested in giving help to the community but keeping your distance because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?


One of the many ways people in the greater Hollis-Brookline area can help is by donating time and blood to those in the hospital fighting for their lives. However, this year has brought on a new challenge with the virus sweeping through the community and across the world.


The American Red Cross Club at Hollis Brookline High School has a goal to run Blood Drives every month, to help support those in need of blood donations. This year has been a bit different, the members of the Red Cross Club are working hard to fit in a few blood drives before school lets out for the summer to make up for some of the time they lost due to an uptick in cases in the community. Usually, these blood drives put on by the Club are held in the HBHS gymnasium, but because of COVID and resource purposes, it has been relocated to the Lawrence Barn.


But why does the Red Cross need blood donations? Why should I give up my blood? “I think people should think about what their blood is being used for,” said Red Cross Club Officer Constance Mulligan ‘22, “The blood they’re donating is being used for people in need. This could help someone in a hospital with a surgery they need,  help someone stay alive when they get into a car accident, or help a young kid battling cancer. There are thousands of uses for the blood people donate in the medical field, and if you think about all the reasons, why wouldn’t you donate?” It is also important to note that our human bodies are always creating more blood to replace the old or lost blood.


Current HBHS English teacher, Heidi Foster, has been at the school for 16 years. Shortly after she started working, she began the Red Cross Club in an effort to assist those in need in central New Hampshire after the deadly 40-mile tornado called EF-2 in 2008. “Many teenagers want to do their part to help their communities, but don’t always know how to do that. The club’s goals are to help promote safety, disaster preparedness, run American Red Cross Blood Drives, and to reach out to military personnel and New Hampshire Veterans through American Red Cross programs,” said Foster.


Senior Red Cross Club Officer, Megan McLaughlin, class of 2021, opened up about what it was like to be a part of this club. “I participate in Red Cross because it gives me the chance to help people in the community. It’s the kind of club where you leave each meeting feeling happy because you spent your time doing something good,” said McLaughlin.


The Red Cross program here in Hollis is only a small part of the national organization. It is crazy to think that thousands, maybe even millions, of people have donated their time and blood before but there will always be a need for more donations.


Stop by the Lawrence Barn in Hollis from 1:00pm – 6:00pm on April 16 to donate and bring a friend or family member too! 


If you are a current student of HBHS and want to join the Red Cross Club, send an email to [email protected] for more information. The club meets every Monday at 3:30pm but this year, meetings are held over Zoom because of the pandemic.

Want to learn more about what donating blood means to the community? Please check out the American Red Cross website or the Hollis Brookline Red Cross Club website to learn more.