HB Girls Lacrosse is back and looking to make some noise


Head Coach Jim Maxwell is coaching up his players in the team’s 15-5 win at Pelham to improve to 4-0 before April Break.

Joseph O'Reilly, Staff Writer

The girls lacrosse team was eager to get back on the field after having a two year hiatus, with the 2020 spring sports season being cancelled. The team has three committed seniors, and a collection of great players, which will make them have a real shot at winning the championship. The girls came out with something to prove and won their first game on the new turf field with a 17-3 win over Campbell. They even held a first half shut out. In both Boy’s and Girl’s Lacrosse, the team’s have started out a scorching 8-0 combined record over opponents of Pelham, and Campbell.


All three of the team’s current collegiate committed lacrosse players have done so in the last few months. Including Abby Magnuszewski ‘21 to Flagler College, Ellie Maxwell ‘22 to Southern Connecticut College and Abbie Ogren ‘22 to Florida Tech. 


“Captains Abbey Magnuszewski, Brooke Allanach and Abbie Ogren have made a positive impact already in the three weeks on the field. They love to lead the team…The leadership on the team has made a comfortable environment” said Ellie Maxwell ‘22, who talks about leadership and team chemistry. 


“The first couple of weeks of lacrosse have been so amazing! I decided to play this year for fun and to fill up time, but have actually found a love for this sport. I enjoy every minute I’m out on the field playing,” said Mel Winters ‘22 who is a first year lacrosse player. 


“I absolutely love the coaches I have and they have made this sport so enjoyable for me. They have helped me learn so much about lacrosse, and have also encouraged me to try new things and helped me get better,” said Winters while talking about the coaching staff. New coaches often help further first year players, as the first year is the hardest of them all.


Maxwell has a closer connection with some of the coaches on the girls team. Her father and sister are both coaches for the team, “I love having my dad and my sister with me on the field, especially because the three of us get along so well. It is tough at some points with my dad because he loves to see me succeed in all aspects of life, so he coaches me on the field and at home. Having my sister and father on the field is great for the whole program because their passion along with Coach Allie Buschman helps us all work and collaborate together,” said Maxwell. For Maxwell, she soaks in the memories and moments with her family and hopes to do something special as a team this spring.


The overall goal for the team is to take home a championship. “We go into each game playing as if it were a playoff game because again we really don’t know which teams have improved over the last two years. We have a lot of different talents on the team and we are working very hard right now. We have a great chance of going to the championship.” said Brooke Allanach ‘21 Allanach seems very optimistic about the season,  as it is her final season. When asked about their biggest competitor, Allanach said “Winnacunnet.” 


The last time the team was in the Championship was 2018 vs Portsmouth in a 16-10 Loss, and the last time the team won the Championship was in 2010, with a 10-4 win over Kearsarge. The girls lacrosse team is due for a championship this season, especially with their talent, skill, and coaching staff. The girls lacrosse team takes on Manchester Memorial next week in a 2 game series this week in hopes of remaining undefeated.