They’re Just Getting Started


The boy’s lacrosse team is back after spring sports were cancelled last year.

Sean Tisa, Staff Writer

Emotions were high with the beginning of the lacrosse season. With the cancellation of spring sports last year due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, student athletes were eager to get back on the field, some for their last season. With a mix of nerves and excitement, as well a new coach, things are anything but ordinary for the boy’s lacrosse program. However, their undefeated record doesn’t show it.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all of our lives, bringing the entire world to a standstill. And when news was announced last year that spring sports would not be receiving a season, student athletes were heartbroken. “It was terrible news to hear that we wouldn’t be having a season last year. Not only would I be missing out on playing with the people I’ve been teammates with since elementary school, but it also threw a wrench in the college recruiting process, since I wouldn’t have any material to send from my junior year season.” said Senior Captain and Attack Hunter Hudzik ‘21. 

For many rising seniors, this was an unforeseen downside of the cancellation of spring sports. With this season being many athlete’s last in their high school career, the boys were excited to get back on the turf, regardless of how high the stakes are this year. “It obviously felt great to get back out there after not having a season last year. More than anything, it felt good to get out on the field with the group of guys this year after all the work we put in before the season and leading up to the first game. Almost all of the players on the team had never played in a varsity game before so I was super excited for them to get their first taste at how lacrosse is at this level,” said Hudzik. And they played well, taking home a 16-10 win versus Campbell to open their season, followed by a tense 13-12 double overtime win against the same team. Then, they swept Pelham 18-2, and scored another 15-1 win versus them again. “I think our offense is looking good, but our defense needs to step up and make some good stops near the end of the game,” said Midfielder Garrett Sturges ‘21.

Even though athletes were overjoyed to have a chance to play again, they’ve faced no shortage of obstacles so far. With the introduction of a new coach, athletes had to learn a new offensive strategy and get familiar with their new coach. “Coach St. Laurent has been doing a really good job developing our relatively young team both skill and mentality wise, which I greatly respect. It’s always a tough job stepping into a program that’s had such instability over the last few years, and the Division 1 practice plans and mentality that he has brought in here is appreciated by everyone on the team,” said Senior Captain Hudzik.

As the season moves ahead, the captains look forward to shaping the legacy which they leave behind. “My goals for this year are to try and help the lowerclassmen as much as possible so the program can continue to build after the seniors are gone,” said Senior Captain and Goalie Scott Walsh, who saved 8 shots on goal during the season opener. “The goal is just to continually get better every day we practice. Good things tend to come when you set your goals to pushing yourself and your teammates around you,” said Hudzik.

The next boy’s lacrosse game is against at Milford on Thursday.