How Pink Revolution is Changing Chemo Treatments


Volunteer at Event

At the last chemo package event, they assembled about 1,300 chemo-care packages. Pink Revolution’s next event is on Nov 13, and completely volunteer run. “The Chemo Care bags and gift cards are making sure that people are getting to their appointments and are comfortable and though of while they are there” said Cormier.

Lauren Rogers, Head Editor

“You have cancer.”

These three words can cause a person’s life to flip upside down; your own body attacks itself,
causing you to have to fight to win the battle your body has waged on itself. However, another set of four words can be just as life-changing.

“You are cancer free.”

For survivor Lauren Caulfield, her fight with breast cancer sparked her to want to make a difference. Caulfield decided she wanted to change the way patients saw their chemo treatments. She and her close friend, Ronda Chrystal, started Pink Revolution of NH, a non-profit dedicated to making chemo patients’ lives easier and brightening their days. “I saw firsthand how many patients lacked support. I was one of the lucky ones. I had an army of people around me. However, that isn’t always the case. It really opened my eyes. I saw patients come to chemo alone and [that] didn’t have a support system at home to help them navigate through their illness. Having cancer is hard enough. I can’t imagine going through that alone,” said Caulfield.

Caulfield went through 14 months of chemo treatments and six weeks of radiation. “The easy part was going through treatment. The hard part is moving from warrior to survivor…you are faced with having to navigate your life with the fear of recurrence. With the help of so many, you learn to live each day to the fullest and you realize a strength that you never knew you had. You wake up every day feeling grateful. It has taught me how to take a very tough situation and turn it into a positive,” said Caulfield.

Cancer may uproot lives, but it also brings people together. “I always say, you become part of a sorority with other cancer warriors that you never asked to be a part of. However, you instantly form a bond with other patients that have an understanding of what you are going through. If you meet a survivor you instantly know that these people are resilient, strong, faithful, and an inspiration to all of those around them. They have a very unique perspective on life and are grateful for each and every day,” said Caulfield.

Chemotherapy is administered intravenously, and some treatments take all day. After each treatment, the patient discovers what their blood work has revealed about their cancer and health. Side effects of chemotherapy treatments can include: extreme fatigue, hair loss, easy bruising and bleeding, infection, anemia, nausea and vomiting, appetite changes, issues with nerves, weight changes, mood swings, and many more symptoms, making the fight against cancer even harder.

Because the side effects of chemo are so challenging, Chrystal and Caulfield are highly dedicated to helping chemo patients. “Lauren and I went to a chemo care package assembly event in Massachusetts and thought ‘what a fabulous way to help cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.” Lauren wanted to give back in some way to those who are going through what she also went through. “We decided to put on one of these events ourselves in New Hampshire,” said Chrystal.

Chrystal finds the most rewarding part of the Pink Revolution journey to be helping to make chemo treatments just a little bit easier. “I find joy in helping others, so this was right down my alley. And the fact that I could help Lauren fulfill her mission of giving back was all I needed. The notes we receive from those we have helped are heartwarming. The people that reach out and lend a helping hand are unbelievable,” said Chrystal.

Another close friend of Caulfield and Chrystal is Karen Cormier, a survivor who also fought through breast cancer, “Lauren had been to a Pink Revolution event and invited me to join her at a fundraiser in Worcester 4 years ago. We attended and loved the things Pink Revolution was doing. When Lauren decided to sponsor her first event I jumped on board to help. I don’t get involved in the day to day process, I am there on her Saturday event days,” said Cormier. “My friends Lauren and Ronda are true selfless warriors in providing so much to those in need. To say ‘cancer sucks’ is an understatement, any glimmer of hope/light/love is helpful for those battling the disease,” said Cormier. “Pink Revolution is giving cancer patients that personal touch. Chemo is not fun. So many people do not have caregivers, loved ones or anyone that is cheering for them or providing that bit of extra comfort. The Chemo Care Bags and gift cards are making sure that people are getting to their appointments and are comfortable and thought of while they are there.”

Cormier herself is all too familiar with cancer and its effects on families. Her mother fought through thyroid cancer while Cormier was in college and was later diagnosed with breast cancer many years after being cured of thyroid cancer and unfortunately ended up passing away. Her younger sister was also diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer and passed away months after her diagnosis. Cormier was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, and after many surgeries, chemo treatments, and preventative medications, she is now cancer-free.

Pink Revolution’s primary goals are to provide patients with knowledge that they are not fighting alone and take away patients’ anxieties when possible. The non-profit also offers an opportunity for children and adults to become involved in giving back within their community. They hope to build a sense of community in Hollis/Brookline through the donation program and their annual care package event.

Pink Revolution can be found at many events in the area. Their 3rd annual chemo care package is on Nov 13, in the gymnasium of Richard Maghakian Memorial School in Brookline, NH. Here, volunteers will assemble 1,500 care packages for chemo patients. Visit their website for more information on giving back and finding more information on their cause.

Other ways of getting involved can be done from home as well. Their Amazon wishlist can be found on their website and their PayPal link to submit donations, 100% of which go directly to cancer patients. More information on how to get involved can be found by contacting them.