Dining at Juanita’s

Emma Harley, Staff Writer

Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant is an authentic eatery located off of route 13 in Brookline, NH, across from Chrysanthis. They serve a variety of Mexican cuisine including tacos, burritos, fajitas, empinadas, and much more. It has a great family atmosphere but can certainly be enjoyed by groups of friends or couples as well. 

When entering the restaurant, you may be initially shocked; the dining area is fairly small and tables are crammed to the walls to accommodate for the tiny space. The kitchen can be seen from the dining area creating an informal aesthetic. However, Juanita’s is rated #2 of 7 restaurants located in Brookline for a reason, and if you’re able to get over the space, you will not be disappointed by the food. 

My family recently ordered take out, and I got the chile relleno dish while my sister ordered the chorizo tacos. The aroma was mouthwatering; you could smell the genuine corn tortillas and the spicy meat. The chile rellenos were two peppers stuffed with cheese and fried in batter- great value for $12.99. The meal came with rice and beans which cut through the spiciness of the poblano pepper perfectly. My sister’s tacos had delicious corn tortillas, which when compared to the flour tortillas at American Chain restaurants such as Chipotle or Taco Bell, were a lot more flavorful and much firmer. The chorizo was not too greasy and the meal was priced at the low cost of $7.99 for multiple tacos.

Service was super friendly, but a few customers found the language barrier to be frustrating at times and really affected the customer service. Other customers would totally disagree and quite enjoy the family style service. “The personnel are extremely helpful and professional. The service is extremely quick. Not to mention, the food you get is first-rate,” said a frequent customer, Jeremy Anders, on BusinessYab

I have visited this restaurant with Spanish students, practicing their accents and vocabulary, and the staff were very patient and took the time to help. I would highly recommend this restaurant because of the friendly environment but above all the authentic Mexican food that can be difficult to find in rural NH.