The Mac and Cheese Debate Revisited


Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer

Most kids are picky eaters. They often just choose chicken tenders or mac and cheese off a menu, but what kind of mac and cheese do people like the most? I did a poll on my Instagram story to find the answer to this question. Forty-five people voted for Annie’s Mac and Cheese, while 25 people voted for Kraft Mac and Cheese. 

“It’s not necessarily what’s more superior, it’s more like I just eat Annie’s [Mac and Cheese] more” said Miriam Burgher ‘22. On the other side, Ally Johnson ‘22 voted for Kraft Mac and Cheese, “Well I picked that mac and cheese because it’s the better mac and cheese and it has more flavor” said Johnson. 

Sometimes picking one flavor over the other can be because people like a specific one better, however,  it could also be that you have never had the other one. Burgher, who prefers Annie’s, likes the flavor better. “Sometimes it has too much artificial cheese flavor. Also, the dyes in it make it look kind of gross” said Burgher, on why she doesn’t like Kraft.  Johnson had a similar response towards Annie’s, “The flavor is really weird and the consistency of the cheese can sometimes be off” said Johnson. 

Sometimes, peoples opinion can vary based on what they grew up with, or just what has always been in their house. “My mom and I usually buy the mac and cheese,” said Britani Mccollin ‘21, former Hollis Brookline High School student, who voted for Kraft. Another former Hollis Brookline High School student, Kylie Whiting, had a similar response, “I buy my own mac and cheese” said Whiting ‘19, who voted for Annie’s, which she believes has overall better quality than Kraft. 

Depending on what people put in their mac n cheese, it can change the way their taste buds think about the meal. “I put extra cheese in my mac and cheese, and sometimes I will put cut up sausage in it” said Mccollin. Unlike others, Whiting puts something you wouldn’t think of in her mac and cheese. “I like to add hot sauce to my mac and cheese” said Whiting.

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to mac and cheese. People’s opinions can vary based on what they grew up with or what their taste buds enjoy better. In the end, mac and cheese is mac and cheese, and all of it is good.