Spirit Week


Amanda Gardiner, Staff Writer

By the time you are reading this, it might be too late…

Next week at Hollis Brookline High School is Halloween spirit week! Peers have already decided what funky outfits they will be showing up to school in. A lot goes into planning a spirit week, the student council has to come up with ideas that everyone agrees on, then they have to get that approved by the administration. 

This year the excitement for Halloween spirit week was top-notch. Last year, due to Covid, we didn’t really have a good one, so, this year Student Council went all out. Since they announced the themes for each day, there was quite the rawr erupting from the students. 

One student started planning her outfits early,  Katie Gargasz ‘23.“I’m super excited for this year’s Halloween spirit week, I think people are going to get pretty creative,” said Gargasz ‘23. When asked what day she was most excited for Gargasz ‘23 said, “I’m most excited for Monday [Adam Sandler day] I think it’s going to be really fun and comfortable”. While there is definitely going to be a division of people who will choose not to participate, Gargasz explained that she is definitely going to be one to dress up and go pretty hard every day. “I think people will go the hardest for anything but a backpack day, I think people are gonna bring in some pretty weird things,” said Gargasz ‘23. Daniella Allanach ‘23 also showed some excitement towards spirit week. “I would say I’m most excited for Cowboys vs Alien day; I’m ready to dress up as a cowgirl!” said Allanach ‘23. When I asked Allanach what she thought the funniest day would be, much like Garagsz she said it would be anything but a backpack day. “I’ve heard some pretty funny ideas so far of what people are going to bring, so I think it will be pretty comical to see how people are going to carry around their things,” said Allanach ‘23. On the other hand, Allanach said she wasn’t as excited for Orange and Black day, “I don’t own much that’s orange; if there’s any day I don’t dress up it will probably be that one,” Allanach ‘23 explained. Allanach said the week was going to be super fun no matter what the theme for the day is, she is sure there will be some funny outfits every day. 

From a Student council point of view, there was some thinking that went into planning out the dress up days, Austyn Kump ‘23 was a great source from stuco to talk to. When talking about what the planning process was, Kump said they really just wanted to include everyone’s ideas. “There were a lot of requests for Adam Sandler day and anything but a backpack so we really wanted to make it the best we could seeing as we didn’t really have one last year,” said Kump ‘23. However, Kump said there was one day that didn’t get approved, “We tried to do a Tacky Tourist day, but unfortunately it didn’t pass through admin,” said Kump. As sad as it is that we didn’t get our tacky tourist day, there was probably some good reasoning for admin to approve some other ideas over tacky tourist day. 

Students continued getting ready and planning their outfits all weekend in prep for the week. I was definitely excited to see all of the Adam Sandlers, Cowboys and Aliens, the interesting backpack choices, and of course everyone’s Halloween costumes.  Who could have kown how creative some of the HBHS students are.