Mac Jones

Elliot Troddyn, Staff Writer

When you have “The GOAT” as your not-so-secret weapon of a quarterback, it is easy to believe you will always be the team that is nearly impossible to defeat. And then it happens. Your secret weapon is suddenly aiming for you from the other side. You no longer feel invincible. That is what the Patriots were facing two years ago with the loss of Tom Brady after twenty seasons as the domineering Patriot quarterback. The team and fans alike were left reeling with worry about the next season. They tried to convince themselves that Tom Brady was only one player and they had greater depth than just Tom Brady. They wanted to believe the franchise would continue to dominate. 

Enter Cam Newton as the new quarterback. Known for his flashy clothing and eccentric behavior, many were left wondering how the chemistry would work with the no-nonsense head coach, Bill Belichick. The final 7-9 record revealed the answer to that. This type of losing record was unknown territory in recent years for Patriot fans, and the Patriots were no longer feared on the field. The idea of the Patriots not being the dominant team left fans wondering what will happen next. Was there a draft pick out there that could step in to save them? The answer to that is rookie quarterback, Mac Jones. 

After Newton’s poor performance with the Patriots, his contract was not renewed, leaving the position that had always been commanded by Brady wide open and uncertain. Many were shocked as Belichick chose Mac Jones to join the Patriots as a rookie QB, but Patriots’ fans were not deterred by that- they have a special place in their hearts for rookies- that is exactly what their beloved Tom Brady was when he joined the team. Jones and the Patriots are currently 2-3, but the performance of Mac Jones as a rookie has been an interesting start. 

Jones has added some solid stats to his rookie profile such as 135 completions for over 1200 yards, but performed most impressively in his game against Tom Brady. Jones had shocked viewers as he went head to head against Brady by throwing close to 300 yards which was more than Brady, throwing for more touchdowns than Brady, and even tying Brady’s record of most completions in a row, which is 19. This whole new look into Jones’ skill set improved many of the Patriots fanbase confidence in what is to come. 

Fans have been left to question if Mac Jones has what it takes, but for some it is too early to tell. Ben Petrella ‘23 ,a member of the Hollis-Brookline High School Cavaliers football team, was full of hope as he was asked thoughts about Jones. I do think he will be shaped into a really good QB in the future,” said Petrella. Other fans such as Hunter Crea ‘23, a student at Hollis Brookline, also have great confidence in Mac Jones. When Crea was asked about how Jones compared with Tom Brady he frankly answered that “Tom Brady was the best New England will get, but I think Mac Jones has the skill to come close.” 

While the Patriots are full of hopeful, optimistic, and confident fans of Mac Jones, there are still those who do not believe he should be the quarterback for the Patriots. One of these detractors is Emerson Warren ‘23. Warren is a student at Bishop Guertin and life-long hater of the Patriots. When Warren was questioned about Jones with the Patriots he gave the harsh response “Just like Cam Newton before him, Mac Jones will not meet the expectations and let down the Patriots franchise.”

It is clear that Mac Jones and the Patriots are faced with an uncertain path ahead of them, but Boston fans are used to their teams being the underdogs. In fact, Boston loves it when you underestimate their teams – coming up from behind and winning it all in the end is exactly what being a Boston fan is all about.