Gas Prices in San Diego

Elliot Troddyn, Staff Writer

While we have all been feeling the pain when filling up at the pump recently, nobody is feeling the pain quite as deeply as residents of San Diego. According to CBS8, the national average price for gas is at $3.39 while California is sitting at $4.54. Residents of California are upset with not only the rising gas prices, but the disparity of pricing compared to the rest of the nation. 

There is no denying that the prices of gas in San Diego are significantly high, but what is causing this? Not only has crude oil price increased 134% from the same date last year, but the increase of people’s travel habits has created the perfect storm for inflated gas prices. According to Jeffrey Spring with the Automobile Club of Southern California, “There are more people on the road. Increased industry, increased demand for product over the last few months it’s requiring more transportation needs, which requires more gasoline and diesel but just pushing the demand for fuel products up more than expected.”   The combination of crude oil prices and effects of travel have made gas in San Diego increase $1.189 from this time last year, making it the most expensive gas it has been since 2012. All of this makes the fact that California recently increased the gas tax to 51.1 cents per gallon, the highest gas tax in the country, a heavy burden for San Diego residents to bear. 

These rising gas prices are starting to affect the lives of people in which they either have to limit their travel or be strategic in where they fill their gas up. Derik Johnson,  interviewed by 7 San Diego, is one of San Diego’s residents who goes the distance to save some extra cash.  “I’ll go as far as 15, 20 miles for some cheap gas,” said Derick Johnson. Johnson is not the only one who is willing to travel to avoid the steep prices of gas. Meg Brown, also interviewed by 7 San Diego, has been strategic in how and where she pays for her gas,  “You gotta come to the places you know are going to give you a better deal if you pay cash,” Meg Brown said. “I’m probably saving a good $40 every fill-up on a big truck like this.”  

While many of San Diego’s residents have tried to find their own ways around these steep prices, a San Diego State University college student, Paul Cruz, has found himself spending a lot on gas. “I do drive a Prius, but even with such a small car, I am finding myself spending a lot on gas.” Cruz continued to say “I drive a decent amount, mostly to get food or go surfing with the guys…California gas prices have always been usually higher than most, but lately it’s gotten pretty annoying and expensive.” Unfortunately for California residents, the data trends do not indicate that gas prices will be going down in San Diego anytime soon. 

With gas prices in San Diego continuing to trend upwards, it is uncertain how long San Diego residents will be able to continue before they need to start altering their vehicle usage. It is clear that San Diego residents are already feeling the burden of the rising prices and their solutions can only help for so long.