Red Cross Club’s Holiday Cards for Heroes


Hollis Brookline High School students work on making holiday cards to be donated this year. The longstanding tradition of the Red Cross Club has attracted many student volunteers every holiday season. “I think giving back to the community is important and is really what Red Cross Club is all about,” said club President Constance Mulligan ‘22.

Rachel Lindof, Assistant Head Editor

In the weeks leading up to Holiday break, the school is filled with members of the Red Cross Club among other students sipping hot chocolate, watching a holiday movie, and most importantly — writing. The club is making sure, as it does every year, that U.S. Military members, unable to come home for the holiday season, still get some holiday spirit and appreciation from these cards.

For many years, the Hollis Brookline High School Red Cross Club has created, collected, and donated hundreds of Holiday Cards to military troops that get sent to members who are unable to return home for the holidays. Earlier this year, the club held their annual holiday party where they were able to make about 350 cards with the help of many volunteers. “There were a lot more people than I had thought so it was super successful and a lot of fun, we made a bunch of cards,” said Constance Mulligan ‘22, Red Cross Club President. The cards that are made and donated through the Red Cross Club are mostly made by Hollis Brookline students, who just want to help out with this important cause around the holiday season. While volunteers don’t know exactly where their cards will get sent to, Red Cross Club Advisor Lauren Grosse said that “Very few [troops] are overseas this year, so it’s more so for troops who are on base.” 

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Andrews, USAF (Retired) has served eight combat deployments to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and recalled that on every deployment, he was sent care packages and holiday cards from not only friends and family, but by people he’s never met as well. “Many people don’t know people who are deployed but still want to show their support in a tangible way. These card programs are an organized way for Americans from all walks of life to connect with those of us who are serving, oftentimes deployed halfway around the world,” said Lt Col Mark Andrews. 

While the Red Cross Club here at HBHS is no longer accepting holiday card donations for this year, they will be accepting cards to be donated for next holiday season. Red Cross Club Advisor Lauren Grosse said that “any holiday cards that don’t have an actual religious message or glitter” would be ideal for donation through the Red Cross. 

More information on the Holiday Cards for Heroes program through the Red Cross Club can be found on their website. More information on how you can help donate holiday cards this season in other ways within the community can be found on local Hollis resident and friend of Lt Col Mark Andrews, Dr. Laura Landerman-Garber’s Holiday Card Challenge Facebook page

Lt Col Mark Andrews said of her card drive, “It all started with a heartfelt vision but requires the dedicated support from volunteers like you to keep it going strong.”