The Village by Wrabel.

Maverick Loveless, Staff Writer

The Village by Wrabel is one of the ones that have gotten me through some tough times in my life. The Village is a song that is so empowering to transgender people, especially for younger people. It shows a story of a transgender teen struggling with his identity, and struggling with his family. The music video shows this struggle, but it also shows the struggle of being transgender when laws were being made against transgender people. 


The video shows a clip of a tv, with the news turned to when a ban was announced that made it so that transgender people couldn’t serve in the military. At the beginning of the music video, there was a quote shown that resonates with many people because it was inspiring. The quote read: “In nature, a flock will attack any bird that is more colorful than the others because being different is seen as a threat.”


 In an article written by Wrabel, the artist, he tells the reasoning behind the song. He first came out as gay when he was 23 to his church. When he refused to accept “reparative therapy,” he, and his first boyfriend, were kicked out of the church. When he heard about the revocation of transgender rights, he recalled when he was on his first tour, two transgender guys, and how this would affect them. He had stayed friends with them, and he knew that he had to do something to let people know that they were supported. He created the song, and it was to be released by October 2017, but as soon as he heard on the news that transgender men and women were banned from the military, he knew that he had to release the song as soon as he could.


 “This song is the most important thing to me that I have ever done and probably will ever do. It’s the closest thing to my heart, the singer born Stephen Wrabel told Billboard.”


This song is a highly inspirational song to transgender people. As a trans boy, this song makes me feel amazing about who I am. When I showed this song to my transgender best friend, he resonated with the song so much! From a trans male to the author, I say thank you for making this amazing piece of art. It has helped me, and so many others accept who they are!