First Ever Korean Hit Netflix Show

Jill Bradbrook, Staff Writer

Squid Game, the fictional series recently released on Netflix, has gained attraction from teenager and young adult viewers, one of them being me.  “Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans – making it our biggest series launch ever!” wrote Nextflix in a tweet. This is the very first Korean show to become popular on Netflix. One of the appeals of Squid Game that draws its audience is its competition aspect and its depiction of a capitalist society. This show is about desperation and inequality. It shows the spiteful ways money can turn us against one another. 

It’s plot focuses on 456 grown financially distressed players from South Korea, competing for a money prize. They have to participate in deadly tournaments where there are only two outcomes, win 38 million dollars or die in a matter of seconds. The objective is to not lose. There are six children’s games the adult characters have to compete in, for example red light green light. The traditional children’s games that are played are an impressive way to spread Korean culture to worldwide audiences. Personally I find this game to be revolting for the amount of blood shown, but I also find myself wanting to keep watching. This show is addicting! It’s hard to not empathize with a favorite character you have, for they could lose and be killed at any moment. There are constantly new situations brought upon and addressed. So many details went into the production of this show from the costumes to the plot, acting, set designs, etc. 

The hype Squid Games is receiving is clearly very well deserved. It’s acquired 4.7 stars on Rotten Tomatoes.  Even if you despise violence in shows, I would give this one a chance. It keeps you on edge with its intense plot. There are so many messages to be learned throughout this series. Nurturing every connection you make is one that truly stood out to me. An obvious message brought forward in this film is there are risks in gambling and investments. The show was originally made completely in Korean but has since been dubbed into English, so the voicing/captions are a little off. The audience is not intended for young viewers for many deaths will occur. I highly recommend this Netflix show, for it’s appealing from even the very first seconds.