Dog of the Week 🐶 1-7


My dog’s name is Tiberius, and he is a Great Pyrenees. He is one year old and full of puppy spirit. He loves when it snows and when we go on walks he licks all the snow off the ground! When he was a puppy the markings on his coat were a darkish brown and has faded to a light brown as he gets older. My favorite part of him is the heart marking on his head. He has brown eyes and are always filled with fun. He has a curly tail that somehow always ends up knocking something off a counter. He’s fast, super strong, and massive. An interesting fact about Great Pyrenees is that males can get up to 110–120 lbs. He’s already so big, so I am super excited to see how big he gets! Great Pyrenees are gentle, affectionate, fearless, strong-willed, patient, and confident.

Introducing Tiberius, the first Dog of the Week of 2022!

Submitted by Makayla Medina ’24