Q & A With Mr. Perry

Ethan Peters, Staff Writer

Mr. Perry is a high school teacher for Hollis Brookline High School and each day no matter the situation, he always comes to work with a smile on his face. He is a very great teacher as well as a person and connects on a personal level with his students. He makes lessons fun and more than engaging for students and always makes students laugh. I have had plenty of teachers in my life and I always had wanted to know what made them take this career choice today, I got my answer from Mr. Eric Perry.

When did you know you would be a teacher?
“It was when I was winding down when I was doing environment counseling and I was working too much and in college I took classes about being a highschool teacher so at the end of my environmental career, I went into teaching after 10 years of my previous career.”

What is the main reason you became a teacher?
“The main reason is because I really enjoy working with kids, and in Mass I tutored kids for a while in a very low income area. I really enjoyed working with kids and I loved science so I knew it was right.”

Why did you choose to teach high school?
“I think I liked the maturity of teaching the older kids, and I can relate to them and make real world connections. I have low desire to work with little kids, too much snot and tears.”

Do you enjoy working with high school students?
“I absolutely love it, I look forward to it everyday. I really do enjoy my job and I am very excited each day to work. I have no regrets with how my life has gone and I am very happy to come into the building each day.”

Is it hard being a teacher?
“It can be at times. Particularly the last couple of years. I want to find the balance of education and the mental health and wellbeing of students and myself. I have probably rethought my focus instead of solely focusing on the workload. The hardest part would be the administrative blocks such as the lack of access to websites.”

What is your favorite part about teaching?
“I think it is just getting to meet so many new students each year and watching them grow for the four years they are here. I like seeing the growth in maturity and it is fun to be able to begin to know them throughout the four years that they are in our school.”

Do you ever wish you did anything else?
“No, I feel pretty fortunate, I am a pine needle on the stream of life. I have been pulled under by the rapids and always end up on the calm waters. Everything that has happened in my life, I feel that it is purposeful and for the best.”

What would your dream job be?
“I know I should say teaching, but if I hit it big like a rockstar I would not have complained at all. Playing music professionally is a huge passion and music is truly a part of who I am. I have been playing music since I was 7 years old and I can play numerous instruments.”

Do you wish you followed music more seriously?
“Not really, we gave it our best shot. One thing I realized on tour when I got hit by a drunk driver, it makes you think of your future such as health insurance and stuff. I am grateful to be hit by the drunk driver because it led me to where I am today and I am very happy now with my wife, who I would not have met if that did not happen.”

Mr. Perry is a great teacher and cares deeply for what he does and cares for his students as well. There is a lot to be known about people you could least expect it from but just after a few questions, you can know more than enough.