Shining The Spotlight On Ms. Staub

Maverick Loveless, Staff Writer

Ms. Staub, a social studies teacher, is well known at HBHS. She is the chair of the social studies department and teaches 9th grade U.S. History, as well as AP US. History. Along with this, Staub is the club advisor for GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), and Herstory, as well as being on various committees. In addition to doing all of these things, Staub has “climbed all 48 of New Hampshire’s Forty Thousand Footers,” according to Christina Ellis, a coworker of Staub in the social studies department.

Staub has done some truly amazing things for this school. Remember the “Safe Zone” signs that are on teachers’ doors and classrooms? Staub was one of the people that rooted for those signs to be put up. The Safe Zone signs show that any student, no matter age, race, gender identity, sexuality, and more, is all safe in that classroom. According to Kate Peters, ‘23, who is part of HBHS’s Herstory club, Staub inspires her. “She [Staub] puts forth an effort to engage students. I’ve never had her as a teacher but as a club advisor you can clearly see that she’s not just there to see if the kids in the club don’t fool around. She’s [Staub] there to actually help us achieve our goals and [give] us advice. I hope that when I’m older I help people reach their aspirations as well.”

Not only does Staub do so much for the community, but she also inspires people to help others. She makes it so that queer students and allies have a safe place to hang out and be themselves, and advocates for self-expression and the inclusion of others. Staub is constantly working on initiatives in the building to make sure all students feel safe or welcome.

Ellis has been positively inspired by Staub as both an educator and a person. “Staub inspires me to never stop learning and growing as an educator. She’s a veteran teacher who’s been in this profession a lot longer than I have, and she’s never stopped trying to learn more and grow as a professional. These past few years have been challenging for all teachers, but seeing Staub’s commitment to career development despite the challenges inspires me to continue working harder and being the best teacher I can be.”

Both students and teachers of Hollis-Brookline High have a high opinion of Staub. She is truly an inspiring individual, and we at Hollis-Brookline High are lucky to have her.