Apple picking: Which iPhone is right for you?


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Apple released both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in September and are both alternatives to the original iPhone 5.

Jonathan Northcott, Media Editor

Apple started their letter system a few years back when the went from the iPhone 4 to the 4s, and recently they doubled up with the 5s and 5c. The question now is which is better, if any?

The iPhone 5s is the new flagship from Apple where multiple areas of the phone have been upgraded and features added. Apple is testing a new 64-bit architecture with the processor which increases performance during usage as well as screen off performance with the several sensors that are on the phone. The memory the phone has was also increased which will improve the new multitasking features that came with iOS7.

The camera also received a decent upgrade now allowing for slow motion video as well as a decent upgrade to video quality. Another change in hardware is with the home button with the added fingerprint sensor. The sensor is a nice addition, but it may not be a necessary one for a the average consumer. Like most new smartphones, the iPhone 5s carries a price tag of $199.99 when on contract.

The iPhone 5c, the colorful, plastic addition to the iPhone lineup, is supposed to be the more cost effective option when upgrading. The colors include lime green, light blue, pink, yellow, and white. There is practically no difference between the 5c and 5 minus a battery increase in the 5c that gives an average of an extra 2hrs. Some say that the 5c runs better with iOS7 than the 5, but they both use the same processors. The price tag for both are the same at $99.99, but there are several promotions for the iPhone 5 that are free. An upgrade from the 5 to the 5c may not be worth it, but the 5s would be a worthwhile upgrade especially with the promotions that should be popping up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.