Mrs. Paré Feature


Lin Illingworth

Claire Paré is pictured here with fellow HBHS English Department teachers Mrs. Grosse and Mrs. Flaherty, gearing up for Paré’s first year of teaching. “I would love to take another class with Mrs. Paré! English has always been one of my favorite classes and she has a wonderful way of teaching it.” said Colie Toupin ‘22, a former student of Paré’s.

Kelsey Sova, Staff Writer

Sometimes, the way a student’s school year pans out, depends on their teachers. The teachers make or break the classes. To most, classes become more enjoyable when the students find that they can easily work with their teachers. English is not a class that everyone enjoys.At Hollis/Brookline, two main components of the general English classes students are required to take are reading books, with essays to follow, and vocabulary. Many teens would have to admit that they didn’t actually read the books in class, myself included, or that they wouldn’t study for the vocab quizzes. English teacher Claire Paré changed that for everyone in her classes. 

Paré makes all of her classes more interesting. She really tries to engage students in the work they were doing. Colie Toupin ‘22 had  Paré for her freshman year English course. “Mrs. Paré is always reaching out to her students and making sure they are on track and are doing well. She also makes sure they are happy and having a fun time and enjoying English,” said Toupin. 

Originally from Kentucky, this will be Paré’s ninth year teaching, the last seven of those years being at Hollis/Brookline. She spends her off time either at home with her daughter and newborn son, or as a student council advisor for the class of 2024. She has been an advisor for past grades as well, helping students plan the homecoming dance a few years back. 

Paré is always willing to help any student of hers, past or present. She truly makes a positive impact on our school. Toupin is one of the many students who has been impacted by Paré. “For Cav Block in sophomore year I went to Mrs. Paré’s class almost everyday,  and she always was interested in what was going on in my life even though I didn’t have a class with her,” said Toupin. Carina Carlson ‘24 thinks highly of Paré as well, “She has such a great attitude and she’s really flexible and brightens up your day.” 

You could hear from past students about how amazing she is all day long, but someone that really knows her is colleague Lin Illingworth, known as Ms. I to students. Ms. I was a former teacher at HBHS and retired from the English department at the end of the ’20-’21 school year. She came out of her retirement to be Paré’s long-term substitute while Paré is on maternity leave this year. Ms. I has truly enjoyed being Pare’s long term sub, saying it’s: , “Absolutely amazing because I got to see faces for two months and as someone who has taught for 33 years those faces matter a lot to me and I love this community, I love the teachers in this school, and I also just care about the students a lot, these students have been through alot, so it’s exciting to be apart of what I think of as a rebuilding year.” 

Ms. I has been teaching with Paré since she began in the Hollis/Brookline district in 2015. They shared a classroom for two years. Paré and Ms. I have been good friends since Paré started teaching at HBHS and just like the students. Ms. I thinks Paré impacts the school in a positive way. “I have a list of teachers in my mind who I think are they really kid positive, and really she’s just a consummate educator. She’s the daughter of an educator, she’s the wife of an educator. Teachers can learn alot of things but there is a quality that you either have or you don’t have that makes you a great teacher and she has it and she had it from the get go,” said Ms. I.

Paré comes back from maternity leave right after midterm exams, so be sure to pop in and say hello. She will be happy to see students again.