Eve Lovering Feature


Lovering stands with Buddy, the horse she competed with this summer. Lovering has ridden Buddy for two years, and just recently started helping ride more lessons horses at Fox Creek. As well as her own family’s horse Roxy. When it comes to looking towards the future, “I want to continue doing IEA and I also want to focus on training my horse Roxy!” said Lovering.

Theresa Cullen, Op-Ed Editor

Despite the near twenty degree winter weather, Eve Lovering, a rider at Fox Creek farm in Hollis, can be found on Monday nights riding and taking care of the lesson horses. Lovering has been around horses her whole life and soon fell in love with the sport after she started riding at just four years old. Since then, Lovering has been riding at Fox Creek farm for ten years and has grown into herself as both an equestrian, and a valuable member of the community. 

Lovering’s favorite part of riding is making new friends and creating a special bond with animals that a majority of other people don’t have access to. Her love of riding contributes to her steadfast dedication to the sport year round. Amira Kettaneh, a top level rider at Fox Creek and Heritage farms explained that “riding is a lot of work especially in the winter; it takes twice the amount of time since you have to be careful to take the time to warm up and cool down horses.” Lovering doesn’t waver at this however, as she bundles up to come out and ride multiple times a week. “Eve is very dedicated as she doesn’t only come out to practice for herself,” instead Lovering works hard to form a partnership with her horse, said Kettaneh. This is a formula that often leads to success, as Lovering recently took home fourth place overall in her division during the New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association (NHHJA) competition season. “I won fourth overall in my division for the entire year in NHHJA. Which means out of everyone who rode at my level, I placed fourth… and I got a big ribbon which is pretty cool,” said Lovering. 

Lovering also takes care to contribute out around the farm, something that is especially apparent during lessons. “If we are late or something, Eve will always let us know who we are riding and where they are. She is so on top of it. Even if we have to leave a lesson right when it stops she will always put a blanket on a horse for you or remind Paula [the Monday instructor] when we need to go,” said Nora Zaveri, a rider at Fox Creek farm. Lovering helps tack up horses for the younger kids as well. She teaches them the fundamentals of horse care, such as brushing, putting on blankets, and handling your tack, while modeling how to keep everyone on time and happy. 

What makes Lovering stand out, however, is her overall attitude and positive personality. “I’ve known Lovering for as long as I can remember and she is a hardworking and talented equestrian with a can-do attitude. I’m sure she will be very successful in the horse world,” said Teresa Pike, a former rider at Fox Creek farm. Lovering is quick to offer a piece of advice or company, something that Zaveri has picked up on, “Eve is so sweet and just a really great friend to have around the barn. She’s so generous and just a delight to be around,” said Zaveri. 

In fact, Lovering can always be found smiling at horse shows and is a role model for the younger riders, especially during the IEA season. IEA is a nationwide competition league in which riders from every zone compete to earn points, both individually and for their team, by riding randomly selected horses on the flat and over fences. During IEA, Lovering is patient to help other riders get ready and learn their courses, while also making sure to ask questions and ensure she puts down her best ride for the team. “I really enjoyed doing IEA this year and I can’t wait to continue next year. I made so many new friends and it was a great experience. I had never really done a team sport so IEA was very new but I loved it,” said Lovering about her first year at IEA. Lovering’s positivity also paid off as she received a sportsmanship award this year as well. “The sportsmanship award was from IEA and I got it because I was the most supportive out of everyone in my zone,” said Lovering. 

Lovering’s dedication to the sport, combined with her positive attitude and willingness to help makes her a valuable part of both Fox Creek Farm, and the larger Hollis Brookline Community. Next year Lovering hopes to keep riding and competing in IEA, while focusing on training her horse Roxy!