Fall sports wrap up


Rebecca Balfour

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team

Nate Powers, Contributor

With the wrapping up of the fall sports season, coaches have tough decisions to make to as to who gets their MVP choice. For these coaches, many players come to mind due to their dedication, enthusiasm, and ability to play their sport. These players not only go above and beyond their role on the team, but also take time out of their day to help teammates become better.

For football, coach Rich Bergskaug chose senior Nick Garside as the MVP. 

In my eyes, he’s an All-American kid. He reminds me of when I played.

— Rich Bergskaug

Coach Rich Bergskaug said. “He’s a constant leader not only by example, but with his words.” Garside plays linebacker, wide receiver and quarterback. “He’s very disciplined, he’s a man playing amongst boys and I also admire his hard work,” Bergskaug said. Finishing the season, Garside had 175 carries, 19 touchdowns and 1,186 yards.

The volleyball team finished the season with a record of 9-10 and earned themselves a playoff spot. But the outcome of that game wasn’t perfect for Hollis Brookline, losing to Nashua North, 3-0 and ending the season for many seniors.  Jessica Ciarcia, ‘14, received the Coach’s Award. “This year she stepped up and filled our libero position. Basically, she was the backbone of our defense in the back row” Coach Rebecca Balfour stated. For Balfour’s MVP award, Savannah Werne, ‘14, was her choice,  “Sav was a captain, and three year Varsity starter for the team. She helped our team win the school’s first Division I title in 2011. She was a leader for her team both on and off the court and is looking to play in college next year.” said Coach Balfour. Stepping up to the plate next year, Balfour hopes to continue coaching, and looks forward to winning another title.