Powder puff punts cancer off the field


Judy Snow

The Powder puff football pink team

Sophia Hall, News Editor

    This past Sunday morning, girls from HB played their hearts out in the Powder Puff game to raise money for the Breast Cancer foundation. Alec Paulson, ‘14, and Matt Falcone, ‘15, opened the game singing the National Anthem getting the crowd pumped. The girls had a few practices to prepare for the big game and were also divided into two teams: pink and black.

    Nick Garside and Shea Farrell, both senior football players, were the coaches for the game. It started out close with both teams playing well. Meghan Philpot, ‘14, had numerous breakaways throughout the game scoring touchdowns for the pink team. Her running skills definitely came in to play for rushing up the field.

While on the black team, Allison Wagner, ‘14 had a few breakaways that left the pink team behind. Sarah Mauser, ‘14, and Mackenzie Day, ‘17, both scored on breakaways, a trend for the pink team. By halftime the black team was down twenty-eight to nothing, they did eventually get a few touchdowns in the second half with a final score of 42-16 with pink walking away with the victory. Emily King, ‘14, said, “It got competitive but no one took it too seriously because none of us really knew what we were doing. It was a blast.” Some of the boys football team came to cheer on the girls in pink tank tops and black bottoms, literally switching roles with some of the girls on the field while they became the football players. They entertained at half time with a routine amping up the crowd for the second half of the game.

    The game was an overall success with quite the crowd to show up for such an early and cold game. Brianna Hackett, ‘14, said, “The experience of the players, coaches and cheerleaders all switching roles allowed everyone to come together and have so much fun. That and being able to support breast cancer awareness made it even better.” 630 dollars were raised with the combination of food and admission sales.