Every Single Player: Boys Volleyball



The boys Varsity Volleyball team posing for a picture in their pregame Uniforms, they had some fun and decided to do a Hawaiian theme.

Tucker Luter, Staff Writer

After the disappointing ending to last year’s amazing performance from the Boys Varsity Volleyball team, they are coming back this year and they want to win it all. They started the season off hot, defeating BG 3-0, with another game right around the corner. The confidence is high and for good reason: they are looking good and anything besides bringing home the championship will be a disappointment to these players. 

The roster is stacked with so many talented players–even the JV team is looking unstoppable. As for who the most notable players are for the team “don’t sleep on any of them” Jake Laborde ‘22. Every single player on JV or Varsity could be the best player of the night. “Our goal is to win the championship, this year is one of our strongest teams HB has ever seen” Jake Laborde ‘22. 

With all the expectations comes a lot of pressure, but the team is more than ready to accept the challenge. The mindset they are going at the season with is one game at a time and they are ready to learn from their losses. “Our team definitely has a lot of expectations and with that comes a lot of pressure and we are more than ready for the challenge. Whenever a team loses they are disappointed. We will try our hardest and own our failures just as much as our successes,” said Laborde.

With their attitude and talent entering this season, the team is one of the favorites to win the championship. The team is handling the pressure and expectations well. They are approaching it with a serious attitude but they are allowing themselves to have some fun to keep the spirits up. They are certainly the team to look out for and they are coming for it all. They are working harder than any other team, and no one else wants it more than this squad. With that mentality they are going to go out there and win it all.