An unconvential take on a traditional Thanksgiving

Some of these Turkey Day recipes will add a unique twist to your holiday meal this year.

Sage Stone, Contributor

It’s the holiday season once again and Thanksgiving is just days away. There are meals to be prepared and picky eaters to please. Where there’s no doubt that the star of Thanksgiving will always be the turkey, there are too many people who are playing the accompanying dishes short.The “side”kicks to the turkey have ways to fit with the diets of any guest as well as add some style to your meal.

Thanksgiving has always been a conventional way to bring a family together over a meal. Although, all families have different tastes, styles, and unfortunately; food allergies. In order to keep thanksgiving a happy, fun holiday for everyone there has to be a way to combine everyones needs into a dish thats easy to make. Corn bread stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, and Icebox cake are simple recipes that can fit to a family’s basic needs.

Corn Bread Stuffing combines two ideas to make one completely new, this recipe allows for a spiced up and flavorful substitute for the traditional thanksgiving stuffing.

Sweet Potato Casserole takes a sweeter take on an old favorite, it also has gluten and nut free versions and is 100% vegetarian friendly.

Also vegetarian friendly, and including gluten and nut free substitutes is a new dessert sure to be a crowd-pleaser; Icebox Cake; a new way to combine classic chocolate pudding and everyones favorite graham crackers.

Although unconventional, these dishes serve well in bringing a family together for the holidays.