Student Council Plans for the 2022-2023 School Year


Emma DiGennaro

Sophomore Council members held a cookie decorating contest at Old Home Days to raise money for student council projects.

Celia Wallis, Staff Writer

The student councils gathered on Saturday afternoon at Hollis Old Home Days (OHD) to set up booths and raise money for their classes. But what exactly are the classes planning on doing with the money and how are they going to raise more?

According to Austyn Kump, Grand Council president, the next big event that the student council is organizing is the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 1. While the seniors have the largest voice in how the dance is run, they also seek advice and ideas from other classes at weekly Grand Council meetings.

Student council is also pushing for changes that improve student life. According to Kump, the student council may “…as a policy create a student section on the bleachers [during football games] seeing that students get frustrated with that.”

Each class has its own projects and goals that they are working on. Junior class president Julie Veiga is excited for her class to run a car wash, although the exact plans for that are still in the works. Laurel Geller, sophomore class treasurer, said that they are working on planning short trips that students would be able to pay to participate in. 

Like most groups, the student councils had many missed fundraising opportunities during the 2020 pandemic and they are now working hard to recover, with the OHD booths being the first of many fundraisers planned for this year.

Aside from these events, it is possible to support the HB student council by purchasing some of the items that they are selling. At this time, the junior class is selling bracelets in the school’s colors and the sophomores are selling t-shirts.

While the classes do a lot of things separately, they also work hard to support each other. All of the classes work together to make sure that they will have enough money to plan senior events such as prom, senior week, and the senior trip, and the upperclassmen act as mentors for the freshmen, helping them create a basic fundraising plan that will set them up for success in the long run.

In order to accomplish these plans, the student council needs the support of everyone in the HB community. “Support your classes!” said Veiga. “It sounds lame to some people but it’s really important because it benefits the whole school.”