HB Votes


Daniella Allanach

Joe Raneri, a Senior at HB, Poses at Lawrence Barn

Daniella Allanach, Staff Writer

Primary voting took place last Tuesday making it some high schoolers’ first time participating in an election. Students had choices of many different Republican and Democratic candidates. Senior Joe Raneri voted Tuesday after school and was asked about his experience.

“It was very pleasant, everyone was joyful, helpful and eager to get a new voter as quick as possible” Raneri said. “Voting was very convenient, it didn’t take long…” Raneri went in unregistered but found it not to be an inconvenience at all as he was able to register right there.

“I was looking forward to being part of the community and fellow adult voters,” Raneri said.

Senior Mark Canfield decided separately to not take part in the primary voting. For Canfield, voting in the primaries was not one thing he was looking forward to doing as he turned eighteen in July. He was asked why he chose not to vote.

Canfield explained how he will take part in elections, but those elections would be Presidential ones.

Taking part in smaller elections like the primaries can be a big deal for new voters and not so much a big deal for other new voters. Both students influenced their choices to take part in the election or to not take part in the election.