Kicking Off the Flag Football Season 



Flag football teams share an end-of-game hand tap.

Gabriella A. Rizzuto, Staff Writer

The Southern New Hampshire Flag Football League (SNHFFL) season kicked off with a bang Sunday, September 25 on the field known as “The Swamp” at HBHS. Teams that played include the Rams, Patriots, Chargers, Ravens and Steelers. 

The SNHFFL is an NFL Flag youth football program for boys and girls to introduce them to the sport of flag football and encourage combining working hard and exercise, with having fun.

“Right out of the gate you learn to respect, you start developing a work ethic…you know the kids have fun doing it,” says Ryan Lomme, one of the owners of the SNHFFL.

The league is run by partners, long-time owner Ziggy Velez, and new owner, Ryan Lomme. “We just both have a passion for helping out the kids and giving them opportunities,” Lomme says.

Along with a new owner and season, come a few rule changes.

“When you pull the flag you’re supposed to hand it to them and not drop it on the ground,” says Peter Rizzuto, parent to one of the players, “It’s good sportsmanship.”

By encouraging respectful behavior and good sportsmanship, the SNHFFL is setting up these players to be respectful people and teammates, and hard, determined workers.

Alexander Rizzuto, a sixth grader at Captain Samuel Douglass Academy, plays for the Rams. 

“I’m looking forward to having fun with friends and trying to win as much as we can,” Rizzuto says.

The season is just getting started, with Week 2 games being played on October 2 and Week 3 on October 9, once again at “The Swamp”. The season will continue until mid-November with a total of 6 regular season weeks, followed by playoffs and championship games. If you want to learn more about the Southern New Hampshire Flag Football League, you can visit their website at