Old Home Days ’22: A Return to Tradition


Carina Astrid Carlson

Onlookers enjoy the Saturday evening fireworks.

Zarina Nicholas, Staff Writer

Old Home Days is a time honored tradition that was established in 1899.  The Hollis Brookline community comes together at Nicols field to celebrate the heritage and the beauty of this region.  Over the last few years, CoVid-19 has taken over and coming together as a town has been nearly impossible. Old Home Days was like a beginning to the end of CoVid-19 for our small town. 


There is a place for everyone to have fun at this festival. There are rides and booths, fun food trucks that have awesome food for walking around the fair and amazing live music. It is a great place to meet new people, donate to small businesses and learn about our town.

This fair is a place where everyone can learn about the history of our town.  Kids play, go on rides and snack on candy apples and cotton candy. While others shop around through the booths and check out the petting zoo.  


So many people love the sense of community this fair brings. “I love that there are so many people there,” said assistant principal Amanda Zeller, who has been going for over four years.  One of the biggest events at Old Home Days is the fireworks on the first night.  Most people stop what they’re doing to look up at the fireworks from wherever they are. 


“I think Old Home Days is a great place to hold fundraisers for our school,” said cheer captain Jocelyn Gillespie. “It is a great way to bring our town together and help out our school sports and clubs.”   Over the two-day festival almost $400 for the cheer team.  


Old Home Days has been a huge success and lots of people are looking forward to another year and hope to “see some new rides and booths” in the coming years.