HB Volleyball is on a Roll


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HB’s Volleyball Team Celebrating Their Success

Reid Mitchell, Staff Writer

Coach Rebecca Balfour stated, “They are off to a really good start considering they faced the better of the teams in the first few games of the season.””. The team may have lost to Bedford; however, they took a set from them which they have yet to achieve over the past two years. Every other set that they lost was close until the end as well. 

Balfour said, “Coming up short against Bedford gave us so much information in terms of what we need to focus on.””.

After asking the captains where their heads are at after the first few games of the season, they all said their focus was to take it step by step and win games. 

Captain Libby Getter said, “Going into the season we were all trying to figure things out skills-wise, position-wise. How everyone plays together”.

Captain Sophia Jordan would also state, ““After the first few games I feel that the biggest thing that we need to do is to just play together, and practice like we are playing in a game.” Which is what you want in your team. If the volleyball team  keeps on communicating and playing together as a team, they will keep being successful as they have already shown that.

Balfour is someone to credit for this as she is a great coach who really focuses on having a strong team with good chemistry. Therefore helping them play together and work as a team. Coach Balfour added to this saying, “We are trying to focus on not so much wins and losses, but process”. This being true as when they lost to Bedford, instead of letting that affect them into future games, they put in the past and now they have not lost since

Captain Cheyenne Colbert said, “Mindset in the beginning of the season was to really focus on those goals”. These goals were to figure out positions and play as a team, as stated by the other captains earlier. The team and head coach all seem to be working and thinking on the same wavelength, so this season should be a fun one to watch from the team as it already has been.

The volleyball team has been exciting to watch and HB will see how the rest of the season goes.