Boys Varsity Soccer: New Season, New Coach


Riley Prest

The Team Celebrates a Successful Start to Their Season

Lilly Bouchard, Staff Writer

After losing their past coach, the Hollis Brookline boys varsity soccer jumps into their season with a positive start.

Sad to see him go but I like the change, the new coach I’m a big fan of,” said Nate McEvoy, one of the captains of the boys varsity team. 

Colin Magnuszewski added, “They both have a lot of passion, both great coaches.” 

Pedro Zampilli, the boys new coach, is originally from Brazil. He moved here five years ago and coaches at a community college in Boston, commuting from Boston to Hollis every day. He has a much different coaching style than their previous coach Stephan Martis playing more of a foreign style, taking what he learned from Brazil.

“Pedro connects more with the players while Martis plays more of a defensive style,” said junior Parker Cheyne. 

From the previous 2021 boys team to the current 2022 team as of now, it has changed from not just the team’s new coach but to the loss of eight seniors from last year.

“I am happy with the team, got a lot of skill, a lot of people who aren’t always on task and aren’t always focused but we get past that,” said McEvoy, who has been  on the team since he was a freshman.  “We lost a lot of important seniors. A lot of game changers and we kinda had to fill in some roles which we quite filled in, yet it is not the same team as last year, but it’s not bad.”

With the roles the players have had to fill, it seems that they are reacting well, considering their record and the team bond they hold. Their two losses belong to ConVal and they hope to gain a victory against the Cougars when they most likely see them in the playoffs.