Art Club, Back In Business


Oliver Goodchild

Room 163. Art Club takes place here every Tuesday.

Oliver Goodchild, Features Editor

After CoVid, many people were unsure if clubs would still be running the same way as before-CoVid-times. For instance, not a lot of information was circulating about Art Club last year. Many artistic people looking for a space to create were unsure if the club was still running. 

Good news, it is! The club adviser is Sara Steffensmeier, the new art teacher. She is replacing Audra Saunders from years prior. She has been a big helping hand in getting the club running smoothly again. 

Steffensmeier is not the only person who helped, though. Payton Calabro, ‘25, the president of Art Club, was said to be the “driving force behind the club.” The club would not have come together without them. 

Art Club is back and better than ever. Anybody is welcome, no matter what art style they have. Their goal is to provide a space for like minded people to come together. 

Steffensmeier said, “[The goal is] to give people a place to make connections. Bring like-minded people together and give them a creative space to do what they want to do.”

In Art Club, students are allowed to work on their own personal goals throughout the year. Atlas Volpe, a current sophomore, said that their goal for this year is to create a fully-shaded piece. 

“Most people delved right into a group poster together. That was cool,” said Arden Goodchild, ‘23, who attended one of the meetings. It’s up to members to decide what they want to do. If they have projects they want to continue, they are more than welcome to work on them here, but there are also posters to work on if they want a more collaborative project. 

Right now the club is working on creating a safe, open space. Eventually, they plan to take field trips to local art museums.

“I’m excited about it– we’ve had a couple years where we’ve felt disconnected and they (the students) are excited to come together and form a community,” said Steffensmeier.

Someone who enjoys art of any form and wants a space of more artists, consider joining Art Club. They meet every Tuesday in Room 163.