Looking Back: October Spirit Week 2022


Lin Illingworth

Henry Bruneau dons his homemade “Man With the Yellow Hat” costume

Nik Tigert, Editor-in-Chief

From October 17 to October 24, The Cavalier Chronicle surveyed the student body to get an idea of what costumes would be prevalent this Halloween season.

84.2% of HB students said they would be wearing a costume to school for Halloween, while 68.4% of respondents said that they were part of a group costume. 15.8% said they had not decided on their costume yet, but some major patterns appeared for those who did decide on a costume. 

Two group costumes that appeared were characters from the 2015 game “Undertale”, and students dressed as animals to emulate a classic nursery rhyme “Old McDonald”.

The survey also found some two character costumes, such as Jim and Pam from “The Office” and The Man with the Yellow Hat and the titular character from “Curious George”.

Around the Halloween season, students should keep an eye out for teacher costumes, as some departments have a history of doing group costumes. The math department in particular has a strong tradition of following a theme. This year was no exception, as math teachers across the school dressed up as ‘pi puns’.

October Spirit Week 2022 marked an important anniversary for Hollis Brookline. 

In 2021, the school had it’s very first fully in-person assembly (in the form of the Halloween assembly) since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Now in 2022, HB had a great week during the final days of October, and the final days of the first quarter.

Spirit Week ran from the 24th to the 28th this October. The week’s themes were; Adam Sandler on Monday, Dress to Impress on Tuesday, Pink on Wednesday, Surfers vs. Bikers on Thursday and Costumes on Friday


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