HB Student Band ‘Power’s Out’ Breaks 1,000 Streams on Spotify


Justin Holmes

Lead guitar player of Power’s Out, Connor Moquin plays at HBHS Guitar Night.

Tate Klauber, Opinion Editor

Power’s Out, a pop rock band founded in 2021, is an Hollis Brookline band with members Connor Moquin, Katherin Jokinen, Elliott Miller, Trekker Mattern, Mason Mizula and Addie Butler.

As of October 2022, Power’s Out has nearly 100 monthly listeners, and their song “Fall Fell” has over 1,300 streams on Spotify. The band had their first gig at Hollis Old Home Days this fall, and lots of HB students attended.

“It was super fun, a lot of people showed up,” said Miller, the band’s bass player.

When asked if he ever got nervous while performing in front of fellow classmates, he said, “not particularly, it’s kinda fun.”

“I heard about them through Elliott Miller’s Instagram,” said Colin Robinson, an early supporter of the band. Robinson was surprised by how professional the band sounded, “It’s a high school band, I was expecting some faults here and there but there really weren’t any, it was impressive.”

The band has been gaining traction with students, and the members are excited to keep making songs.

“I got a lot of positive feedback from people,” said Jokinen, the band’s lead singer. “It made me feel really accomplished as a musician because I’ve been singing and performing my whole life.”

This feeling of accomplishment seems to be shared among the band members, and together they hope to inspire other HB students to pursue their own interests in music production.

“Pick an instrument that’s super easy, and just play songs that you like,” said Miller.

“If you have a passion for music, then pursue it,” Jokinen said. “There are a lot of people in this community who love it, and you really get a worthwhile experience out of it. You make a lot of friends along the way.”