HB Football: Ready to Rebuild


Jocelyn Gillespie, Sports Editor

Over the past years the HB football team has taken a lot of hits, and now they’re ready to rebuild the program. 

Captain Adam York is passionate about helping the football program. His love for the game helps him and his team in many ways. He helps push his teammates and teaches newcomers, while he also promotes the team on his social media in hopes to get new players.

“We have a strong bond and good communication,” York said about the team. 

York also mentions that gaining new players is detrimental to team improvement, and in order to establish the winning team they once were they will need to work on discipline and hard work.

Sophomore Ryan Fauteux agrees with his captain that the team needs to work on discipline and motivation. He said there are different opportunities the team is given for improvement that his teammates don’t [always] take or consider. He believes the team is great at working together to accomplish a goal. 

Fauteux loves being a part of the team, saying, “it’s a good environment with a lot of open and fun people.” He said fewer people are joining the team due to the risk of injury, which he said is something that has a negative effect on the team. 

Junior Auston Dougherty believes that the team needs to work on the fundamentals. With a lot of new players, he says it’s important to re-teach the basics. He also mentioned that he is one of a small number of future seniors on the team, which means he needs to be a strong leader. He also brought up the common issue of a lack of players. In attempts to solve this,  the football team is going to host an open scrimmage where anyone is allowed to participate, to hopefully gain new interest in the program.