HBVB Season Wrap-Up: Powerful Bonds Pay Off


Players rush to celebrate a big win over Portsmouth.

Alex Willard, Sportswriter

Falling short of winning a state championship can push teams to want to get over the hump and make it to the top. In this case, the girls volleyball team fell short in last year’s state championship game ultimately ending their season. In 2022, the girls finished their season with a 16 and 2 record and are heading into the playoffs strong. All the girls are extremely motivated entering the postseason. 

“The team is very motivated going into the playoffs starting next week, we learned a lot from both the loss last year, and the losses we’ve had this season, but it’s only making us better and more prepared for the games ahead of us,” coming from defensive specialist Malaya Colena.  

“The team is extremely motivated because we have a great team bond and are all very invested in the well-being of the team,” said Sophia Jordan 

“I think the team is very motivated this year, we have a great group of girls who all love and respect each other, collectively we all want to win and are able to support each other to accomplish that,” Kate Berrigan 

The girls are entering the playoffs firing on all cylinders only losing two games of their 18-game season. HB girls volleyball is ranked second in the league overall. They are a very bonded team and it shows on the court as they always help each other up in tough situations and are always supporting each other.  

“We are all very focused on the success of each of our individual teammates, and we are focused on how well the team does as a whole instead of just our own personal goals,” said Malaya Colena. “I think our team strength is how close we are as a team, of all the seasons I’ve had with HBVB, this is definitely the most encouraging, hard-working team I’ve been on, we all want to win and are all willing to put in the work to do so and I think that’s our greatest strength.” 

These athletes have a great team dynamic together; they all just want to see each other succeed and have fun. 

“I admire how the entire team is able to genuinely have fun with each other, whether it’s on or off the court we’re always trying to make each other laugh, which is something I love about this team,” said Malaya Colena. 


“I admire our sisterhood because I’ve never seen it or experienced it with any other team until this year, it’s the best feeling in the world,” said Kate Berrigan. 

“The team dynamic, we all don’t hate each other and it makes playing on the team really fun,” said Sophia Jordan. 

The girls enter the playoffs hot as they look to make it to the top and be crowned state champions in 2022.