Submitting the Scores


Paige Rowan ’23, studying with an SAT prep book.

Kate McElveen, Assistant Opinion Editor

It is college application season for those who are applying, and with the more recent Covid-19 changes making most schools’ tests optional, this leaves more and more students wondering, “When should I submit my SAT scores?”

To help get a better understanding of when is a good time, some HB seniors help us out with their view on things.

Elizabeth Rutledge, ‘23, is, like many other students, deciding to not submit her SAT scores. When asked why, Rutledge says, “[she] Feels as though it doesn’t show her academic ability to the fullest.” Rutledge, who believes schools going test optional will benefit students in the long run, adds “It can give students an opportunity to show aspects of their lives that they may think more highly about.”

Paige Rowen, ‘23, offers a different perspective, as she is submitting her SAT scores to two schools she is applying to, saying “…some schools offer merit scholarships based off of SAT scores, that aren’t considered in the application process.”

The option to send SAT Scores is a different opportunity that most students applying have not had before. It is important to understand when is a good time to send them, or when it will benefit them the most, and to know all your options before submitting your applications.