Should Hollis Brookline Have Advisory?


Andrea Piacquadio, Creative Commons

There are many stressors in a student’s life, and an advisory program would help keep school from becoming overwhelming.

Tate Klauber, Opinion Editor

The date was October 31, 2022, and while everyone else was carving pumpkins and enjoying Halloween, I was stressing out over my college applications that were due the next day.

At least I had my essay written, I thought. I knew some kids who hadn’t started writing until earlier that day. Fortunately, my mom had been making sure I was working on it for weeks beforehand.

That day I realized how lucky I am to have someone in my life that can help me stay organized and emotionally strong. Not everyone has that trusted adult in their life, which is why Hollis Brookline High School needs to add an advisory period to their schedule.

The objective of an advisory period is for students to build positive relationships with teachers and peers in an environment that most regular classes wouldn’t allow. This can be done through simple student-teacher conversations and class-wide activities.

Advisory can be a great way to “rally around one another in so many different ways to ensure that no one feels alone in the process of overcoming adversity,” said Mr. Herman from Science Leadership Academy.

All students face challenges in high school, and a class dedicated to supporting you throughout the day is something that our school needs.

“Guidance counselors can’t do everything,” said Lindsey Dattis, a senior at Hollis Brookline. “There are too many problems that come up in everyday student life that require a trusted adult.”

A study done by Mark Van Ryzin and the American Psychological Association found that over 40 percent of students in an advisory program noted that their advisory group could reliably provide crucial emotional support.

An advisory program could drastically improve the lives of students who might not otherwise have access to emotional or educational support systems, and Hollis Brookline students should advocate for its addition to the schedule.